To observe a person's personality by the length of the little finger


Raise your hand (Male left female right, Palm towards yourself), look at your little finger. among the three finger knuckles, which one is the longest, its representative character trait is your advantage. Which is the shortest, its reperesentative character trait is your biggest weakness.

First, the finger knuckle head is the longest 

This person is full of attractive and has excellent language skills, observation is also strong, not easy being lied about.

Second, the middle knuckle is the longest 

This person likes to take care of people naturally, and has strong endurance, many health care workers have such a knuckle.

Third, the bottom knuckle is the longest 

Such person likes freedom and carefree, is looking forward to unfettered private life. And such person can be glib and quick-tongued in argument, likes to tell the truth, good debate.

Fourth, the first knuckle is the shortest

This person has weak communication skills, coupled with innate shyness, it is hard to let others understand, so the popularity is relatively poor.

Fifth, the middle knuckle is the shortest

This person is loyal, always maintain a consistent attitude, the attitude is not easy to change. This seems a advantage, in fact the biggest problem is that this kind of person can not be flexible, and often is stubborn and restless.

Sixth, the bottom knuckle is the shortest 

This kind of person is very naive and easy to trust others, it would have been nothing wrong, but now the social workers are very complex, the so-called "naive" is easy to become ignorant, you must be careful!