To see a person's character by finger length


Bow to look at your right hand, ring finger longer than their index fingers, or the index finger longer than the ring finger? For the sake of accurate, please take a ruler, measured from the root volume. Measurement results will disclose some of your secrets.

Generally speaking, men ring finger longer than index finger. Female index finger than ring finger long, or as long. Ring finger longer than index finger, then, from the point of view of the physiognomy indeed very many women have homosexual tendencies. In fact, both men and women ring finger longer than the index finger, with a strong personality characteristics:

  • Ring finger than index finger rational than emotional, and vice versa emotional than rational.
  • Ring finger than the index finger, and his cordial, diligence and harmony, common sense, in the new environment immediately able to mingle with people, the drawback is the lack of ability to determine.
  • The finger length decide to trade skills, the longer ring finger relative to the index finger, you may make more money.
  • Ring finger relative to the index finger of the longer, these people have self-confidence, adventurous, exploratory, alert and fast response characteristics.
  • Men ring finger relative to the index finger of the longer, more "manly", the performance is much better than the "sissy" men.
  • Ring finger relative to the index finger longer the people, quite intense combat sports such as football and basketball talent.
  • The longer the ring finger, the more computing power; index finger length is more adept at reading and writing. He is this has done a statistical experiment, indeed this tendency.
  • Ring finger longer than index finger children, science achievement is likely to be better than the liberal arts. In turn, for the children of the of those index finger longer than the ring finger in the subjects of reading , writing and speaking scores than math scores.
  • Ring finger than index finger children tend to hyperactivity, bullying behavior. Index finger children are more likely to have behavioral characteristics such as neuroticism and sensitive.
  • Ring finger length show that the baby is in the heart, brain and hands of the developmental stages of male hormones higher, long index finger indicates that the estrogen higher.
  • Ring finger than index finger length of women, more athletic talent. Especially in racing, football and tennis and running projects, the results are more significant.
  • Male ring finger length, usually has more obvious male characteristics, such as competitive sports have become more prominent, more excellent results. In other areas, such as aggressive and competitive, will the more powerful. Conversely, if relatively long forefinger male, in physiological and behavioral different performance. Nevertheless, they also have to compare his own good at sports, such as martial arts and gymnastics class project.
  • The women ring finger is too long, the greater the risk of suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. This is Dr. Cheng in North America with an experiment of Professor TOM. And so he did.
  • Men of the same length of the index finger and the ring finger and ring finger than index finger women are more likely than the average per capita homosexual acts.
  • Ring finger is significantly longer than the index finger, no matter how humble surface, privately impatience, irritability, aggressive, talkative, and ring finger longer than the index finger, showed a more sensitive nervous, humble heart . If two fingers flush or almost, between the middle of the two qualities.

In fact, a person's fortune and future there will be very many factors, However, if we can learn more about their own situation more familiar with yourself, "Well, at least we will be cautious to make certain choices, in order to better while avoiding disadvantages.