Wheel of fate

  • Brand name: wheel of fortune
  • Key words: opportunity, change, progress, luck
  • Astrology: Jupiter
  • Four elements: soil

Deck description

This is the only big card without characters. However, it has rich cards and profound implications. The blue sky is hung with the wheel of destiny, which is the same as the Pope's three-tier cast tube. The wheel of destiny is also composed of three layers. There is no symbol in the innermost circle, which represents nothingness and the creation of all things; There are four alchemy symbols on the middle circle, corresponding to the four elements of Western material composition, symbolizing the formation of all things; In the outermost circle representing the material world, the four positive directions of the upper, right, lower and left are respectively the four letters of taro. These four letters can form the four words rota, orat, tora and ator. These four words form a complete sentence: “ The wheel of Tarot v. the law of sohathor;. Hathor goddess is the goddess of Egypt, in charge of music, love and beauty, which is equivalent to the Venus deepened by Hera. The symbols of the other four directions in the material world circle are Hebrew letters, “ YHVH”, This is the oldest name of God.

On the left side of the roulette is the evil god in Egyptian mythology, with the snake head down indicating the decline in life; Anubis, who bears the wheel of fate, foreshadows the desire to bear fate; As for the Sphinx on the top of the wheel of destiny, it is said that it is a symbol of wisdom, and the sword in its hand represents thinking. Perhaps in fact, facing life, thinking about the true meaning is the way to obtain prosperity. The four corners of the card chart are lion, eagle, angel and divine cow. These four animals just apply for the symbol on the circle in the middle of the wheel of destiny, representing four fixed constellations and four elements respectively. Eagle represents Scorpio, belonging to water; Lion represents Leo, which belongs to fire; Taurus represents Taurus, which belongs to soil; People represent Aquarius and belong to the wind. They are all reading and absorbing wisdom, and wings give them the ability to remain stable in changes.

The wheel of destiny is one of the few big cards that does not take characters as the main body. In fact, there is no one on this card, so in the final analysis, this card has nothing to do with individuals. Or more precisely, whether the party is experiencing climax or underestimation at this time, the main cause of this situation is not the party. Therefore, there is no need for the parties to be complacent or self denial because of what they have experienced at present. However, at the same time, the parties cannot change the situation at that time through any independent action.

As a divination tool, there must be some fatalistic elements, and the wheel of destiny is a few pictures of the world in Tarot “ Force majeure ” Cards of. If you believe in the cause and effect of previous lives, you can take the appearance of this card as a manifestation of karma; As for those who do not believe in cause and effect, it is just as if God threw dice to a certain number. However, the wheel of destiny is an irresistible cycle of heaven and natural rhythm, and its effective time is very long.

Positive meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: control the opportunity, opportunity comes, transition period, unexpected harvest, make a quick decision, luck comes, return to the original state.

Often the wheel of destiny symbolizes a change in your life circumstances. You may not understand the reasons for these changes, but here, how you respond to changes is more important. Do you want to embrace the opportunities that life offers you, or do you want to resist change? This card is telling you to adapt to these changes.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: encounter of fate, love at first sight, encounter with a new favorite object, sudden confession.

The existing love life can no longer meet your spiritual needs. You may try to communicate with your partner in the hope that they can help each other and grow up in the field of love. If you can't reach a consensus, you may resolutely leave the other party to find a new love. Maybe you will take the bold actions that you didn't dare to do before: eating with strangers, meeting with netizens, meeting someone on a trip, etc. to start your own relationship. Knowing that depressing emotions and resisting changes will lead to physical and mental imbalance, it is better to open your mind, release your emotions and accept any changes.

3. Work and study

Key words: good luck, determination of future, unexpected good news, flexible plan, getting help from others, changing learning methods will bring benefits, unexpected good news, flexible plan, getting good luck in exams, getting help from others.

You are in a new job and may decide to leave your current mediocre job to pursue your dream career. Not afraid of change, life sometimes needs to have the spirit of taking a step forward, otherwise life will be like a pool of stagnant water without joy.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: temporary income, unexpected wealth, unexpected help from dignitaries, adaptability in the face of the world, and favorable social environment.

You may sell real estate, stocks and securities whose performance is not as good as expected, invest in growth stocks or others, and then set up your own business, do the work you are interested in, and make money for yourself.

5. Healthy life

Key words: good temperament, disease recovery.

You make yourself healthier and more attractive through exercise and diet control.

6. Other

Photography, painting, being greatly influenced by hobbies, obtaining opportunities and taking immediate action.

Inverse meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: wrong judgment, low mood, bad luck, dilemma, calm down, temporary happiness, breaking an appointment.

When the wheel of destiny is reversed, the change may be difficult. It implies efforts to confront these events, often in vain. The universe contains greater power than every individual, so we must try to understand what this change will teach us. Perhaps there will be a repeated pattern in your life, which may mean that life will show its challenge again in the same form of problems, so that you can learn the lessons from this problem. The seasons are always changing, but life presents fewer and fewer opportunities, so you should reflect on what you have done in the past.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: communication mode lacking essentials, unstable relationship, marriage failure, short-term relationship, passion cooling, lovelorn, missed opportunity.

The relationship between you and your partner has undergone dramatic changes. Due to the busy real life, their mutual enthusiasm has gradually faded, and their lives have become more and more boring and lack of spiritual communication; Such a situation will cause the two people to drift away, and your partner may leave you because of another love. After the breakup, you still can't forget the sweetness and hurt in this relationship, so you can't accept a new relationship.

3. Work and study

Key words: try your best but fail, low efficiency, misunderstood by colleagues or leaders, lost hope, low achievement.

You may encounter great setbacks in your work. Your plan cannot be implemented because of the obstacles in the general environment or personnel. You must start again.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: overspending, being cheated, having many misunderstandings, unstable interpersonal relationships, doing everything in vain, and disagreeing with friends.

There is a serious crisis in your financial situation: the stocks, securities, real estate, etc. you invested in before have been affected by the poor economic climate. Instead of making money, you have also suffered heavy losses.

5. Healthy life

Key words: depressed emotional savings and possible deterioration of illness.

You are used to repressing your feelings and resisting all changes. Such a mentality will make you easily suffer from physical and mental imbalance in real life. You must change your attitude towards life and learn “ Put down ”, Change your habits in your daily life so that you can improve your physical and mental state.

6. Others

Temporary good luck, breaking appointments, feeling boring about things, and living a single and boring life.