Whether you are successful in career by fate line of Palmistry


In palmistry, there is a middle finger extending from the palm of your hand under the direction of the lines, called the Fate line, also known as "Yuzhu pattern", "Destiny Line." Most people in both Fate lines of the palm, and with age, encounters different lines will change. We can see from the line shape analysis of the cause of the cause of human movements. But there is cause lines do not necessarily have big career, no career line of people, it is certainly no cause at all. If significant Fate lines, to rise from the bottom line, texture is also complete, so that their people a better life and a good family background, parents can get help, and lay a good foundation, belonging to the family business, or develop a business person. The average person's career line is intermittent, which means that work is more setbacks, not so smooth, we must rely acquired to develop, natural lines will change, or have sub-line extension upward.

If the messy Fate lines, which means that a lot of ideas, what wants to do, but less to spend effort, there is a case shotgun to shoot birds. The Fate line is too long, to the bottom of the middle finger, while working transported strong, but more busy rushing to the old not idle.

Then your career is the most promising? Or undulating it? Outstretched hand (Nanzuonvyou) were below look at it.

  • Line starts from the wisdom Fate line for late bloomer. There are people in the middle of these palmistry beginning after good business operation, the cause in order to have great success.
  • Cause forked end of the line, will be in charge of representing multiple jobs, or have more than one company, or engage in the business of various industries. There are such people palmistry official transport is better, right, and his life to cement.
  • Mottled career line is cut off, sometimes encounter in their careers resistance, encountered some difficulties, Mottled coarse words and difficulties, difficulties in the small Mottled fine.
  • Fate line starting point bifurcation career start thinking very much, will choose many industries, and ultimately chose one for their own development, there are twists and turns when to start a business.
  • Fate line intermittent, meaning career ups and downs, good times and bad, but it will eventually make a difference, will be successful.
  • Double bar Fate lines who work capacity is relatively strong, the cause of persistent efforts compare with management skills, often doing a lot of work, or part-time, the cause of transportation good.
  • Fate line deflection at work has a unique idea, have a different vision, their career can come up short cut method, the cause is often very easy to be successful.
  • Fate lines clear deep person, mean career success, career full of confidence, career, wealth is good.
  • Fate lines straight, regardless of length, as long as the person does not bend, career emphasis on credibility, and then work with their own efforts, will continue to progress and achievement.
  • Deputy career online business there are multiple lines, if small line of clear show deep, which means that the cause of good luck, would be a big success, but if it is a small wire twists or bends, it indicates liable to encounter some setbacks.
  • Fate line leads to the ring finger, the cause can be as good as their wish, to realize their ideals in the department or the high prestige of the unit, will have a good career achievements.
  • Fate lines light of the Lord is not in business to concentrate on, or do not do specific work, if online, can mean something for nothing.
  • Fate line winding, means more career change, career multi-rushing, thinking that if line is long and thick, will overcome the difficulties and have a big success.
  • Fate lines gradually become clear, which means less outstanding young career, midlife career gradually smoothly and achievement.
  • Fate line from the lifeline issue, there is a strong career fighting, work full of energy, working together is often sleepless nights, because of their efforts, the cause of much progress, will be a big success.
  • Fate lines, deep and long straight and no other branch or thin lines, which means the ability to rely on their own career development, relatives and friends can not help, start from scratch.