Complete collection of tarot card array -- fate conjecture method

This kind of speculation is specially used to predict people's love fate. No matter whether you are in a happy relationship or in a silent single love, the question that all lovers most want to know is: what is the future development of me and him (or her)& ldquo; Fate conjecture ” It is a very practical way to speculate that one can interpret one's love destiny from the past, present and future, and put forward action suggestions for the inquirer.

1、 Scope of application

Ask &mdash& mdash; love

2、 Pendulum method

  • The fate conjecture method is very different from other divination methods. It requires the cooperation of the inquirer when shuffling cards. When you start to shuffle cards on the table, ask the questioner to concentrate at the same time and meditate on the name of the person you want to speculate about (only one person at a time, don't think about others). As long as you concentrate on shuffling, you don't have to think about anything. Then, let the inquirer decide when to stop shuffling. When the inquirer thinks it is enough, he must shout “ Stop ”, At this time, you can slowly fold up the cards in a clockwise direction. Then the process of cutting cards is the same as the general way.
  • After cutting cards, take out the first to seventh cards at the top and place them in the position shown in the above figure. Be careful not to turn the cards upside down!
  • After the card array is completed, lift the card for interpretation.

3、 Memorial tablet implication

  • It represents the past love experience of the inquirer.
  • It is the current situation of the inquirer and the other party.
  • It is the future situation of the inquirer and the other party.
  • It symbolizes the action that the deck of cards suggests the inquirer to take.
  • It is the personality and behavior characteristics of the other party.
  • For possible obstacles to the relationship between the two people.
  • Represents the final outcome of the two.