How could zodiac horse provoke good luck


Zodiac horse people are vivacious motor type, they are live, positive, sociable, good at praising others, compassionate, popular by others. The drawbacks are that they like to be pushy, can not endure, they are enthusiastic at beginning, and will stop after encountering a small block. They fall to carry. Zodiac horse people should give full play to their own advantages and suppress the shortcomings, which is the key to get success. They should not only constantly correct their own deficiencies, but also enhance positive energy by the feng shui to maximize favourable factors and minimize unfavourable ones. Then how could zodiac horse provoke good luck?

A. The lucky orientations

Zodiac horse's Dizhi(Earthly Branches) belong to Wu, Wuxing(Five Elements) belong to fire, they are Liuhe with Dizhi Wei(zodiac sheep), and Sanhe with Yin(zodiac tiger) and Xu(zodiac dog). Because the lucky orientation of Yin, Wu and Xu is at Mao, that is in the east, so east is the most aspicious orientation. You'd better make money or find new job at this orientation to get unexpected good luck. In addition, zodiac horse with weak Bazi could go to the south for development to get elegant aid abd find partner at work easily. While zodiac horse with strong Bazi could go to the west for money, it would be more easy for them to earn money.

In contrast, zodiac horse counteracted with zodiac rat and harmed with zodiac ox, these two zodiacs represent north and northwest, which are the most taboo orientations for zodiac horse. You'd better not go to these two orientations for development.

Zodia Horse's lucky orientations:East, south, west

Zodia Horse's taboo orientations:North, northwest

B. The lucky colors

9 is zodiac horse's natural number, which is the most auspicious. And  2, 8 and 6 are zodiac horse's lucky numbers. 1 and 8 are the taboo numbers for zodiac horse. And 8 is half lucky half fierce for zodica horse, so you'd better not use 8.

Zodia Horse's lucky numbers:2、6、8、9

Zodia Horse's taboo numbers:1、8

C. The lucky colors

Zodiac horse's Wuxing belong to fire, the corresponding colors are red and purple, for they are the natural colors, so they are the most auspicious colors for zodiac horse. In addition, yellow and blue are also very lucky. You'd better use them in clothing, belongings, household goods to play the lukcy role. Therefore zodiac horse counteracted with zodiac rat, zodiac rat represents black and blue, so black and blue are the most taboo colors for zodiac horse, you'd better not use them.

Zodia Horse's lucky colors:Red, purple, green, yellow

Zodia Horse's taboo colors:Black, blue

D. The lucky mascot

Inaddition to The universal used Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, gourds mascots, the best mascots are the tiger, horse and sheep zodiac pendants. You'd better wear the three zodiacs of necklaces, bracelets, mobile phone chain, backpackchain to become lucky and block evil spirits. In contrast, zodiac horse counteracted with zodiac rat, and harmed with zodiac ox, therefore you must not place the nascot with these two zodiacs at home, otherwise you might make troubles.

You'd better pay attention to stay out of trouble in selecting materials of mascot. You could use the favorable jade, ruby, agate, clay and avoid sapphire, obsidian and so on.