How could Zodiac rabbit provoke good luck?

Zodiac rabbit people have a warm personality with cordial manners and a strong sense of self-protection, they have strong family value and vulnerable feelings. They like to be cared. The weak zodiac rabbit people should make their own efforts and pay and also use some feng shui lucky methods to enhance fortune in this highly competitive society, which could play a more effective role.

A. The lucky orientations

Zodiac rabbit's representative Dizhi(Earthly Branches) belong to Mao, Wuxing(Five Elements) beong to wood, east is the most auspicious orientation. The noth is also very lucky. You'd better make money or look for job at these two orientations to have good luck and do things smoothly.

Zodiac rabbit is couteractive with You and clash with Chen, these two Dizhi represent west and southeast, they are the most taboo orientations for zodiac rabbit people, so you'd better avoid developing at the two orientations as could as possible.

B. The lucky numbers

2、3、6 are the most lucky numbers for you. You'd better use these lucky numbers In the choice of mobile phone number, license plate number, seat number, floor number, password to bring good luck.

In addition, 7 and 4 are the most taboo numbers.

C. The lucky colors

Zodiac rabbit's Wuxing(Five Elements) belong to wood, the representative color is green, so green is the most auspicious color. And yellow and black are also very lucky for zodiac rabbit people. You'd better use green, yellow and black in choosing clothes, personal effects and household articles to provoke good luck.

D. Lucky mascots

The best mascot for the Zodiac rabbit people are the figures of synodical zodiac dog, sheep and pig. You'd better use the three zodiacs as basic pattern in the choice of necklace, bracelet, pendant, mobile phone chain to bring good lucky and block evil. You could also place ornaments of the three zodiac figures at home in the appropriate position to bring good luck. You'd better use emerald, topaz, Phantom, obsidian and avoid gold, silver, copper and other metal materials.