Zodiac Zodiac brotherhood (third house)

The third house in the horoscope is the house of brothers, which is the house of mind and communication. It means the environment you live in, your brothers, sisters, neighbors, and the way you communicate with others. It represents short-term travel; It also shows your mind, language ability, knowledge and early education. Let's take a look at the characteristics of different planets when they fall into brothers.


The sun falls into the brotherhood, has a strong desire to communicate with others, is good at speaking, and has a strong will to pursue higher knowledge or outstanding status. This will lead to a scientific tendency, which has a keen desire for knowledge and understanding the operation of life. Because of this curiosity, you will actively pursue new things, especially when the sun is in some constellations. You love to travel and explore various possibilities. Brothers, sisters and neighbors are usually very important in your life, but you should pay attention to the way of expression and communication, which is very important to them.If the sun is in a creative or intelligent constellation, he can develop his talent in writing. This palace position is beneficial to school students; Children with the sun in this house will appear outstanding and active, but lack patience and need encouragement from others.

If the sun is in the third house and the aspect is not good, it may show that it is too proud of wisdom and likes to be a celebrity, or likes to force others to agree with its own ideas.


The thoughts and language expressions of people in the moon brothers house are deeply influenced by their family and childhood experiences. Their early education is not smooth, and their ideas often change. You are often unconsciously emotional, sometimes your emotional will be above reason, because your thoughts are affected by imagination. At the same time, your thoughts and verbal expressions often revolve around some trivial things. People with the moon in the third house have a strong curiosity, are easily tired of routine business, and are quite active. You have frequent contacts with your brothers and sisters. You are an excellent elder brother or elder sister. You will protect your brothers and sisters, and also regard your neighbors as part of your family.


Since the third house is equivalent to Gemini and is dominated by mercury, generally speaking, people with mercury in the house of brothers will have superior intelligence. You exaggerate education, are good at communicating with others, and are also very fond of communicating with others. Because of your superior creativity and intelligence, you usually have outstanding performance in writing and speech. You like to take short trips, have a good relationship with your brothers, sisters and neighbors, and you will spend a lot of time communicating with your relatives and friends. You are good at finding practical solutions to all kinds of difficulties. Mercury is in the third house. It is suitable for secretaries, telephone operators, journalists, screenwriters and editors.The nervous system may be a health concern. However, as long as mercury is not conquered, everyone in this house can do everything smoothly.


Venus falls into the brotherhood house and has a good relationship with siblings. She likes to socialize and is deeply interested in art and culture, especially in literature and poetry. If she likes reading, she will get good grades. And have good communication skills, whether through words or words to express, are impressive. People in the position of Venus are expected to become artists, scholars and writers.You often travel back and forth or at short intervals, either for pleasure or for work. People with Venus in the third house tend to analyze love relationships and social contacts with a knowledge attitude. They usually communicate easily with their spouses and friends. Have good relations with brothers, sisters and neighbors. The development of social relations and relationships mostly comes from neighboring areas, or objects familiar with intellectual activities. These people usually write beautiful love letters and romantic poems.


Mars' falling into the brotherhood represents an aggressive and active intellectual. Your high mind makes you think sensitively in crisis situations. However, there is also a risk of rash conclusions due to speed. We must control our energy, anxiety and the desire to be the first in everything, so as not to become aggressive.People in the third house of Mars are smart students at school. Their words are direct and sometimes ironic. In order to obtain or transmit information, they are also aggressive. Many journalists or political critics belong to this kind of people. It must be remembered that Mars is related to politics. As Capricorn Mars is on the rise, your career usually needs communication, such as telephone, printing and publishing, postal service, mass communication, direct sales, etc. Your daily activities and short-range travel are also very impulsive. If Mars is in a bad phase, it will tend to be sarcastic and controversial, so there will be problems in the communication between brothers, sisters and neighbors. Will conflict with others for brotherhood. You may think that other people are stupid and lose their temper frequently, but you don't know that you often have similar behaviors.


People who fall into the house of brothers like school life and are very successful. Get along with brothers and sisters, focus on communication activities, and have made achievements in this area. Occasionally, they may have the ability to write. You will have an optimistic philosophy and very Oriental thinking. Your thinking usually matches the prevailing pattern.Jupiter in this position makes you love to travel, and you will engage in various long and short trips. If the phase is not good, you are prone to accidents during travel, so you should avoid being too confident and rash. In addition, you are very curious about the latest communication equipment, such as Nokia's latest mobile phone.


Saturn's people in the third house have limited education, attach importance to the soul, or look at school life with a positive and strict attitude. You will start at the practical level. The value of things is defined according to their use. Your language, mathematical and scientific abilities are affirmed because your mind is in good order. You will be a good accountant, secretary, academic researcher, writer and educator. You do not particularly like traveling, except for business contacts. If it is not necessary, you will communicate by telephone or Internet. You may have a bad relationship with your siblings and neighbors, and you usually have to take responsibility for your siblings very early. You especially like to complain and find fault. In addition, they often encounter difficulties in their study and job search.


People with Uranus in the brotherhood house are free thinkers. They will learn from experience or scientific facts. Their thoughts are not affected by others. You are interested in exploring unusual fields, which makes you like to travel around and accept new stimuli, especially intuitive. Therefore, Uranus is in the third house for many scientists who create and invent.


Neptune people in the house of brothers like to share their knowledge with others and play the role of transmitting information. Of course, they also spread gossip, so they are very suitable for mass communication. They must pay attention to practicality when thinking. If they receive strict practice, their strong intuition can be applied in real life, such as resolving disputes with brothers and sisters.

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People with Pluto in the brotherhood house have a wealth of inspiration and scientific ability. What you think will usually have very accurate results, which is due to their serious attitude towards things. If the aspect is not good, you will inadvertently destroy the feelings of your brothers, sisters and neighbors, conflict with social order and be hostile to your work partners.