Whether you can marry a good husband by nose physiognomy

People say, "asked the rich in the nose," nose between the degree of a person rich. A woman from the front does not work, the source of wealth is the husband of a woman can be seen that the wealth of the nose can also be seen that woman's husband.

The nose is female fu star, married a woman does not marry well, often by nasal phase bak twelve. Even in the new thinking is sweeping the modern society, look around or countertop marry happiness and beauty of women, almost no long nose ugly.

Long nose is not good, small chance to marry a good husband, but there is still the possibility of happiness. What phase is Fuxin Lao nose, they need to do professional women or toil psychological preparation? How have the chance to do at home with nasal soul mate, you can enjoy Fufu, my husband loved it too?

1, Hong Leong and powerful nose upright

Women have such a nose, on behalf of good-natured correct, but also lucky. Nose high with meat, noble character, we can get her husband loved, but strong self-esteem, need male coax, therefore encounter inclusive and strong man, we must know how to take advantage of, not wasted time.

Woman if the nose is high, small nose, but no meat, there are wretched shape of delicate feeling, then a rare happy marriage. Have this nose women often marry Zuoren ancient concubine, a number of female artists showbiz, nose was beautiful, often from happening.

2, face big nose small

Women face big nose smaller, make more professional women, often have to hold up half the livelihoods of families, traditions as "not enjoy Fufu." Mai-phase method goes: "face big nose small, often self-lifetime experience hardships; nose thin leaven, Half a money eventually dissipated."

Face big nose small and faces big nose collapse of the girls, my husband is more ups and downs, life happiness is low, dragged down by men probability is high, even for men liabilities endless toil, but these women have a specialty, children grow up , are often able to get heartfelt Xiaoyang, after the old but good fortune come rolling.

3, nodules nose

Some people raised nose nose to the left and right horizontal sheets. Such a friend's personality than the stubborn stubborn, if you face other parts of the good, a place in the underworld, a number of representatives of the people is this triad bosses or nose.

Such non-nose encounter in middle age or more dilapidated, especially women have this nose, marriage mostly poor. Stubborn stubborn personality, the marriage relationship does not harm small, face a man's Second Life, stubborn big woman wife, often makes men unbearable, you can try "Weak Win strong" in effect.

4, the nose flat collapsed

Friends fall flat nose, effort over lack, or infirm, or to personalize weak, it is difficult to play big, so the cause of difficult achievement. Women fall flat nose, her career and family, Mr. maintain, and often have to pay more efforts are more toil.

Some women like a baby or a child's nose, the nose is characterized by small, low nose, the nose slightly cocked, this girl is more naive and immature personality, marital status easily out, a big gap between the old lady to marry older, less likely to divorce.

5, crooked nose or a mole

If so crooked nose women, marriage and more unfavorable, married four married three common situations. There is an actress showbiz, marital Di Sanzhe first person, then get first wife Crosses location, then came marriage Di Sanzhe intervention, now divorced, her nose crooked obvious.

The nose of a mole, hit common toil. Gray and black mole on the nose area, susceptible Taohua Jie boys and girls easily marry the sick man hard; gray and black mole on the nose, and his often dilapidated or even bankruptcy, has seen several prospective head mole of friends, encounters bankruptcy debt situation, quite fulfilled. Jide switched or transhipment.