What physiognomy can make the wife's honour increase as her husband's position rises?

Whenever a woman has the following specific physiognomy, she is able to enjoy the good luck from her husband.

First. High cheekbones and straight nose, have countless money from husband

Tall and straight nose means her husband is a professional, and has a certain wealth. if coupled with the long nose and high cheekbones with flesh, then her husband is forthright and can give you countless money. She will be rich and honorable for whole life.

Second. Beautiful delicate eyes, get repute and status on her husband

If the eyebrows are clear and slightly longer than eyes, keep a proper spacing with eyes, if the eyebrows are not scattered and have no mole, the woman is easy to marry the husband with scholarly honor, that is commonly known as "celebrity."

Third. Red mouth and orderly teeth, join the society people

Women should have courage and uprightness, the mouth is red without lipstick. A woman with red mouth is easy to marry a dignitary or celebrity. A woman with orderly teeth can become a rich and honorable wife.

Fourth. Low nose bridge and plump cheekbones, have prosperous career on husband

Women with low nose bridge and plump cheekbones can enjoy a good life through an unusual marriage.  

Fifth. Pug nose and high forehead, easy to get good fortune from elders

Pug nose is called "child nose", this type of person is easy to have social status, especially likes the pursuit of elder man's care. If the two cheekbones are full, high and wide with flesh, she tends to get social status.

Sixth. oval face and unexposed cheekbones, enjoy fame and gain from husband

Oval face refers to round face, rather than the fat swollen face. A woman with oval face, and the cheekbone is not exposed, the the woman can get good luck and enjoy the fruits because her husband renders outstanding service and is famous.