Physiognomy of women whose career is successful

In the physiognomy palace, the middle part of the forehead is called the palace of career, this position should be plump, flat and full, which represents its people will have a good career fortune. However, we can not simply look at the palace of career, we also need to look at eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth. If you want to see if the career of female is smooth or not, you can look at the below for reference. If you match more conditions, your work will be more smoothly.

1, forehead

Full forehead means leadership. Thinning hair with black and bright color, full and broad forehead, spotless and flawless forehead, protuberant brows, these are honored people physiognomy. People with round brows will be helpful for parents. The upright and full forehead means the people will smash all resistance and advance victoriously everywhere, and ride on the crest of success. They can have very good career luck. People with high forehead are intelligent in born, they have strong ambition and intelligence, they are practical and confident, they are more mature in terms of thinking, financial capability is also good, they are very far-sighted.

2, open and bright palace of migration

The palace of migration is located above the eyebrow corners, people with broad palace of migration will open-minded from childhood. People with plump palace of migration without evil mole will have broad knowledge generally, they belong to versatile type. They are acceptable to worldly things outside, everywhere they can go with the flow, they can have great opportunity to show their talent. Of course, they will be successful at work.

3, full glabella

Glabella is located among the two eyebrows, which represents that if its people have no tolerance or not, but also represents that if its people are generous or not. People with flat and full glabella are always open-minded, tolerant, generous, they are naturally easy to succeed.

4, the eyes are bright and piercing, eyebrows are upward

We'd better look at brows together with eyes, brow is King, eye is minister, brow is plan, brow is action. if the brow shape is good but eye shape is bad, then the people would not have good luck. If the eyebrows are upward and gliding, because brows represent the unyielding ambition. People with bright and piercing eyes have good ability of expression. People with sharp eyes are very confident, and have opportunity to succeed, and work is also well developed.

5, heavy earlobe

People with heavy earlobes are very generous and clement, have good fellowship, good career fortune and money fortune, such a woman is very lucky without worrying about food and clothing.

6, nose and cheekbones are matching

Cheekbones are"right" bones, people with prominent cheekbones have strong awareness, strong willpower and motivation, they can challenge the environmental and overcome difficulties. People with straight nose can persist in the cause of the difficulties and can overcome difficulties in career. Nose also represents an ideal and target, so if the nose and cheekbones are matching reasonably, which means that the people have the government ability, and can have good development in career.

7, a large mouth in proper size

The mouth is large in proper size, lips are thick, teeth are white and orderly, then the people are bold and brave, full of energy, full of mobility and decisiveness. Big mouth means the people are good at speaking, have good socialize ability and communication skills, so the career development will be good naturally.