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12 constellations men's deep-rooted bad habits

Every sign of the boys have their own different downright personality, in the early stages of love, generally do not show up, however, but their relationship is established, slowly many men will show his true colors, some downright ultra-bend evil one by one the sky. In the end downright personality Zodiac boys will love , so many girls are dumbfounded? Let us take a look one by one, for Zodiac boys downright evil bend!

Aries men

Playing childish super bend

The Aries male whims constellation, the character usually get along very well Lotte directly send does not seem to be a very bend very difficult to resolve the situation. Only when Aries men to stay in bed or something so necessary for what will Shuaqi bit scary "bend" acts, which would love the other half Shuaqi this reckless, a lot of people love to talk about with Aries men are scared, originally thought that the personality of the Aries man should be cheerful, will actually do you say do not listen, and even sometimes just want to go somewhere to play on the must-see, bend Naoqi temper will throw things, it is people dumbfounded!

Taurus men

The classic bend temper, do not argue all the time

Taurus men if do not argue, it is not a Taurus male. They adhere to in all aspects of life are very, very figuratively speaking do not listen to, and not by chance Naoqi bend his temper so simple. Taurus man philosophy of life is is very bend all the time, all the time stuck to their ideas and thoughts, just want to do anything, no one can block them. And do not have anything special to make the Taurus male is particularly difficult to communicate, because everything is very difficult to communicate, a whole is very hard, we can say that the ox to Beijing or cattle advised to talk with Taurus love or not to challenge the "howling at the moon!

Gemini men

Not to give way when one is reasonable, love the defense to win

Gemini men are probably twelve constellations which most do not argue that their thinking is very flexible, not easy some things Naoqi temper. Only people talk about love with Gemini men do not bicker with them or debate Gemini men love speech also like constellation of heated debate with people, even if you're just joking with twin male lover, as long as it Gemini men think the right thing, they will make every mouth force the matter to the defense to win so far, any opposing ideas with them, even if their lover, twin male mouth unsparing, even dead survived expense!

Cancer men

The life little habits Super bend

Cancer men appears to be a very gentle person, but in fact a lot of little habits of life above is very "bend". For many childhood develop family practices, such as toothpaste, toothbrush how to put clothes to how to fold how finishing Cancer men will have their own set of methods. With Cancer men talk about love , you will find a very wondered, Cancer men will continue to tell you what how right thing to do, sometimes so than broken read famous virgin male even bother At such the Cancer men bend outbursts of temper. Fortunately, Cancer men not to take offense, not smooth their views at most, put his face to show you.

Leo men

Did not face the disgrace becomes ultra-bend

Even with the lover, the male lion is still very want to face the kind of person. Especially in front of friends, male lion people do not like to lose face, especially when they want to how the other half would have to get to meet the needs and thoughts of the male lion, otherwise there will be a male lion face in front of friends of mind, it would be very bad temper, and even then the speaker diatribe or roared to a shock to many who gave the first talk with the male lion love . In fact, this is only in the eyes of others, just alone and lover, the male lion hand, will not care so much, but also good to speak.

Virgo men

Quite figuratively in a specific place

The virgo male bend temper Not see a little dirty will be crazy In fact, virgin male definition of "over the top" is kind of weird, they only pay attention to some small place, only attach importance to the bed, the table mess can ignore , as long as the bed is clean enough. A lot of people talk about love with a virgin male will find to the original as long as the clear virgin male care at some point, will not let the Virgin men crazy playing bend, but will not have to listen to endless broken read or complaint , but what if you did not find out the important aspects of virgin male lover, then you will probably be read to not stop, but after one or two know how to deal with!

Libra men

The justice very strong bend personalized

Docile temperament Tiancheng Nan also very stubborn when, that is, if Tiancheng Nan case of injustice, especially feel very unjust state, and even then they have been wronged, Tiancheng Nan very unpleasant bend a temper obstinately bars wronged their object, and not a fair fight to not let each other, which makes a lot of talk about love with Tiancheng Nan scared, original Tiancheng Nan so tough side, they exude a sense of justice and to defend the self-attitude, and make the other half of Tiancheng Nan quite admire, can be said not to give way when one is reasonablea bend.

Scorpio men

In any case is to win

Scorpio male love the constellation with people, the idea is not necessarily to save face, but sometimes feel that others provocative meaning, the Scorpio man will not mind a non-win. Like to grab the sale will be or go out to encounter the old school, somehow comparison of complex, regardless of the grab to buy things with old school than income from work, has been to the lover who would be more excellent. A lot of talk about love with the Scorpio man will feel very wronged, why somehow involved in the fight than to than to the situation, if the Scorpio man lost also Naoqi the more stubborn temper, revealing than non- to win the non-momentum.

Sagittarius men

Not free just like you fight in the end

Loss of freedom, the male Sagittarius will become very stubborn love with the Valentine's protest. Especially if you are a like tube male shooter, you will find that when you tube more closely, they want to control the whereabouts of the male shooter, archer men there will be more silent and ultra-bend actions to protest, it seems that everything must tell you naysayers, the phone is not connected, pretending to be mysterious, or particular joint Friend acting to gas you. The male Sagittarius These practices are a deliberate protest, do not feel love can tie them, so the more you want to tied them male shooter temper the more figuratively, it is very important for their freedom !

Capricorn men

for the sake of success

A lot of people love to talk about with Capricorn men will know, the original Capricorn man is a workaholic, studying in the school might be a mad. Many Capricorn men are very concerned about their own performance, whether in work or study, so often in this area show a very stubborn personality, that is, in any case you want to take first place, not only won a few people like, but be sure to win the best position, bend temper way is to work day and night to fight or to even contact with the lover or an appointment to have forgotten. This success love on the side of the bend temper, which makes a lot of talk about love and Capricorn men are also full of dumbfounded.

Aquarius men

"Loyalty" is that they bend performance

Aquarius male is also very stubborn, especially when mixed with friends. For the friends thing, Aquarius male will be useful loyalty phase quite seem like a good thing, but if you are the other half of the Aquarius male or lover, you do not think this is a good thing. Aquarius male is heard friends in trouble, puts down his lover to help the kind of person, if the other half so unhappy or blocking the Aquarius male bend temper erupts, small quarrel with Valentine, big trouble lost , so a lot of people talk about love with Aquarius male dumbfounded why a friend than a lover, even for friends fell out with the Valentine's it?

Pisces men

Must be must be very romantic

Pisces men bend temper is also taking the soft route, especially in the love inside. Many Pisces men will adhere to the kind of romantic love in their dreams , if the bend a temper Valentine will also be sure to do as they did, if not ring true Pisces men that some Pisces men will be issued a tantrum, but some Pisces but will go to build their own romantic situations, then forced her lover have to with Banqi their own kids picnic can not. If the bend Naoqi temper, coupled with Pisces male is often exaggerated a crying two busy three hanging, so a lot of with Pisces men talk about love, people feel very tired, and why every day and play the romantic love drama.