Five bad habits that hinder wealth! See if you have any?

“ Why is my fortune always bad& rdquo;

“ My fortune is good, but I still have no money& rdquo;

“ In addition to adjusting Feng Shui, is there any other way to improve wealth& rdquo;

Friends often come to ask these questions about wealth. In fact, our poor wealth is not only due to Feng Shui and numerology, but also related to our personal living habits. Many small habits we haven't noticed have a great impact on wealth.

If you have the following bad habits that hinder your financial luck, you should get rid of them quickly, otherwise your financial luck will be difficult to get better!

Put a trash can next to the bed

Many people will habitually put the trash can at the head of the bed, so that they can throw garbage at any time. However, the bed is where we sleep. If the garbage can is placed near the head of the bed, the foul gas emitted by the garbage will disturb the gas field of the bed.

Moreover, people's Qi field is the weakest when they are asleep, and they are vulnerable to the influence of the surrounding environment. If the garbage can is in front of people, it will certainly bring bad luck to people on the bed, hinder their wealth, poor sleep quality and hinder their career development.

In addition, the trash can itself is very dirty and contains all kinds of filth. There are a lot of germs in it. If the trash can is very close to people's head, germs are easy to enter people's body, resulting in the loss of money of family members due to medical treatment.

The tap is not turned off tightly

Now every family has tap water, which is no longer as difficult to obtain as before. Therefore, many people lack the awareness of saving water, often waste water, and don't care if the tap is not turned off strictly.

However, water represents wealth. If you allow water to be wasted, it means that your wealth will flow away with water. There are inexplicably more expenses at home and money can't be kept. Besides, if you don't save water, your water bill will be very high. This is a habit of losing money, so you should turn off the tap at home.

Keep the doors and windows closed all day

All things are born of Qi, and the doors and windows are the channels for Qi to enter the house. If the doors and windows are tightly closed every day, the wealth outside the house cannot enter and the turbid gas inside the house cannot be discharged, forming a closed environment.

People living in this kind of house is like a bird living in a cage. All kinds of wealth and good luck have nothing to do with you, and your career can't take off. Therefore, we usually have to open more windows for ventilation and let fresh air into the home, which will not only bring prosperity, but also make you live more comfortable.

A mirror is hung behind the sofa

Sofa is the place where people sit and lie, which is the most taboo & ldquo; Empty & rdquo;, The mirror has the function of reflection. What is reflected in the mirror is only an empty shadow, so it belongs to a kind of empty thing and can't be put behind the sofa.

If a mirror is hung behind the sofa, it will make it difficult for family members to meet dignitaries, make it difficult for career progress, and improve their wealth. Therefore, the mirror behind the sofa needs to be removed quickly and let the sofa back against the solid wall, so as to bring people a backer and make people obtain rolling financial resources.

Random placement of Feng Shui mascots

Placing Feng Shui mascots at home can dispel bad luck, block bad luck, recruit noble people and prosper wealth. However, every kind of geomantic mascot is placed in a particular way. If it is placed disorderly, it may also have a negative effect and destroy the fortune of the family.

Therefore, when placing Feng Shui mascots, it is best to consult professional teachers and place them under the guidance of teachers.