Omens and solutions of bad luck

People's congresses have bad luck sometimes, and some have bad luck for a long time because of one thing; Others have bad luck due to some accident; Some have bad luck because of villains playing tricks; There are also many problems due to their own, bad luck and so on. In fact, when people are in bad luck, there are often some omens. If they can be found in time and resolved through certain methods, they can keep the bad luck out of the door or reduce the degree of bad luck. Now feng shui master tells you the following methods, which are not effective, for reference only:

1、 Ten bad luck omens and Solutions

Omen 1: one day, you suddenly find that your nose hair grows out of your nostrils, so the exposure of your long gun will destroy your financial and emotional luck.

Solution: repair the nose hair quickly. Be careful not to cut your nose, otherwise your luck will be worse. Usually pay attention to frequent repair of nose hair and prevention. At the same time, you can wear a platinum ring on the ring finger (male left, female right), and then use a thin red coil on the ring ring for three turns.

Omen 2: when you get up in the morning, you find it difficult to open your eyes and your eyelids are heavy. Then you should pay attention. Everything related to wealth may be bad for you. Be careful of your pocket and invest in stocks carefully.

Solution: the head of the bed cannot be opposite to the toilet and cannot rush to the West. If there are the above situations, the head of the bed should be adjusted in time. In addition, cover the mirror in the bedroom with a cloth. If you lose in the stock market and have poor financial luck, you can ask a basin of Kumquat from all seasons to put it on the northern balcony of the house, which will help prevent the invasion of bad luck again and open your financial luck.

Omen 3: surprised to find that acne grows around your nose, which means that you will be unable to make ends meet, you may be dismissed, the boss will not be able to do business, can not pay wages, and face a great crisis.

Solution: remove acne in time, and see if it is caused by bad luck after office adjustment or home adjustment. Please wear a mascot consistent with your zodiac. Note: if there is a pregnant person in the office or at home, it is not suitable to move furniture. Pregnant women should avoid it.

Omen 4: your eyes blink more frequently than usual, so be careful. Bad news may follow. You should be careful and careful.

Solution: did you move your deposit? Have you joined the stock speculator? The omen indicates that you are not suitable for this action. Thirty six strategies are the best. Feng shui master suggests you adjust your house Feng Shui to prevent you from losing a profit first.

Omen 5: damage to your forehead or hitting something on your forehead means you're going to have bad luck.

Solution: People's forehead is your magic lamp. You must not be covered by your hair. Women often ignore it and avoid it.

Omen 6: water leakage in the home or office, or water seepage in the floor and wall, or water leakage in the faucet and toilet, which means that wealth is flowing out.

Solution: in addition to timely repair, it is also necessary to investigate whether the Feng Shui rotation effect caused by the house Feng Shui fleeting year problem. We must pay attention to the different fleeting years and the placement of various mascots.

Omen 7: Recently, you've always been forgetful. If you can't find what you can find, you should be careful. Your luck, including your good luck, will turn bad immediately. The signs have clearly reminded you.

Solution: check whether your car has placed inappropriate items that collide with your five elements; Or the car has been parked in an inappropriate place and brought mildew. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the car, light three incense sticks at the same time, and circle the car three times. Note: any item is spiritual. You can take wormwood on your body or rose flower thorns. Cut the rose flower stalks into seven sections and put them in a red envelope bag. If your car suddenly wants to go to a place with heavy Yin, you need to prepare seven banyan leaves or 36 glutinous rice grains to ward off evil spirits.

Omen 9: you can't help shaking your legs before negotiation or examination, which means you will fail and fail.

Solution: pay homage to Buddha before negotiation or examination. When paying homage, prepare the pen or ball pen you usually use to pay homage. In addition, red can ward off evil spirits. Putting a red bag in the chest pocket during negotiation or examination can protect the heart disc from interference. At the same time, jade pendant and gem can also make evil spirits afraid to invade; Pay special attention: when drinking tea during negotiation or examination, you should drink Baozhong tea instead of Oolong tea.

Omen 10: if you hear inexplicable sounds, have nightmares, and find that the wallpaper pattern on the wall of the hotel is very similar to animals or human figures, you have to change rooms, otherwise you will be in bad luck.

Solution: due to the large number of people in and out of the hotel, the Qi field is chaotic, and some sentient beings in the spirit world will gather here. Pay attention to wearing amulets when going out. Foreign hotels will have a Bible in the room. Because foreigners have many habits of praying before going to bed, on the other hand, it also has the function of warding off evil spirits. If you come back from a place that is never too clean, you can eat pig's feet noodles, because pig's feet noodles have the function of removing evil and bad luck.

2、 Common methods of removing bad luck

In addition to the above methods for resolving different bad luck, here are several common methods to remove bad luck.

Method 1: find some fresh and full red beans and put them in a red brocade bag. Then put the brocade bag under the pillow and change it once a week.

Method 2: if you feel bad or have been to unlucky places, put a red cloth in your pocket. This method is very effective for most people.

Method 3: people who feel unlucky at this time can use empty eggshells to get rid of bad luck. Small method: prepare ten and a half empty eggshells, wash them with clean water and dry them, then draw a black dot in each eggshell, take the eggshell outdoors to crush it on the night of the moon, step on it and read: & ldquo; Get out of bad luck, get out of bad luck & rdquo;. After repeating it for 6 times, let the fragments spend the night outdoors. Early the next morning, wrap the broken shell with a piece of red paper, take it to the surrounding groves, dig a small pit on the ground and cover it with small stones. Soon, you will find that your luck is really getting better!

Method 4: take a raw egg, first clear the yolk and protein inside, don't make the egg mouth too big, then dye the egg red, then put several hair and a few nails in the egg shell, seal the egg mouth with a piece of small red paper, pray for bad luck to leave quickly, and then take the egg shell to the river or stream, preferably the place with the fastest flow, It means that bad luck will leave us as soon as possible!

Method 5: wash your hands, feet or whole body with water soaked in grapefruit leaves. Note that this method works for southerners, and northerners in the South can also try it.

Method 6: for people whose bad luck will not be interrupted after moving to their new home, they can clean the new house, open the rice paper stall on the ground, select a yellow flat stone (or dye the stone yellow) and put it in the center of the paper, put some rice on the top, and put other four grains on the four corners of the paper (wheat, beans, barnyard grass and millet can be replaced by bird feed), Sincerely hope that the Great Yellow Emperor will protect the prosperity of his home, then wrap all the things on the paper together with rice paper, put them in a small empty box and put them on the altar, and the God of grain will bring unexpected good luck!

Feng shui master reminds you here that if your bad luck doesn't stop, you should first check how your house Feng Shui and office feng shui are and whether they are caused by them; In addition, you have been somewhere, contacted someone, took things you shouldn't take home, and even photographed scenes you shouldn't take, which are all closely related to bad luck. Therefore, in addition to being familiar with yourself, we should also know ourselves and the enemy in order to stop bad luck. Of course, if bad luck has happened, we should make a comprehensive analysis and deployment according to our own destiny and house conditions, so as to avert danger and bring good luck. Remember, Feng Shui is around you!