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Dreaming about divorce

Divorce in the dream represents conjugal love. Marriage is made up of troubles.

To dream of divorce indicates that the couple's troubles will be resolved, and they will be more affectionate.

An unmarried person dreams of divorce means that the other people's unhappy marriage made the dreamer lack sense of security to the marriage because the dreamer is afraid to encounter all sorts of contradictions in married life, so this guy will do such a dream at night. In fact, these are the psychological effects, the dreamer had better not think of too much, it doesn't matter, the dreamer had better communicate more with lover and care more about lover too, so the dreamer will not only be divorced, but also remain happily married to a ripe old age. Overall, this dream is suggesting that the dreamer is worried about the feelings.

A married person dreams of divorce indicates that the dreamer is concerned about the marriage and family, and hopes to live a stable, reliable emotional life.

More interpretations of dreams of divorce

  1. It may suggest that you worry about "separation."
  2. It may indicate that you are not satisfied with the current feelings and marriage.
  3. It may indicate that you made a wrong decision.
  4. It may prompt you to sort out the order of everything.
  5. It may suggest that you are experiencing a transitional period of life, or changes will come soon.

The interpretations of dream of divorce by Mental Dream

First. Dreaming of others being divorced

The reason to dream of others being divorced is generally because that you watched the similar films, literatures, or heared the similar stories and so on, thus creating a greater spiritual impact, then you are afraid that such kind of things may happen to you, so you will do a similar dream. This phenomenon is very widespread, you should control your feeling properly.

Dreaming of others being divorced indicates that you have some ideas for others, or perhaps you want to extricate from the responsibility. 

Second. Dreaming of your parents being divorced

Dreaming of your parents being divorced indicates that first of all you love them, you always care about your parents. Furthermore, you can't help but worrying that they will be divorced because of a little thing. Don't be afraid. Everything will be all right.

The reason to dream of parents quarrelling and being divorced is because that you are afraid that your parents are not harmonious, perhaps you already knew that some people's parents were divorced, so that you produced this kind of anxiety. Or you are a very dependent or introverted child, so you rely on your parents so much. You should communicate with your parents more and enjoy a happy and harmonious family. 

Third. Dreaming of being divorced with your husband

Dreaming of being divorced with your lover represents nothing, it is just a dream. But from the other side, it also reflects some practical problems. The reason to do such a dream is because that you are always suspicious of him during the day. You think of too much during the day, so you do such a dream at night. If you feel that he was having an affair, you'd better go to check, do not just guess. It will certainly affect your feelings. The main reason is because you do not trust him. 

When people get married, life has a substantial change. In today's society, the pressure of working and life is really great, people are very prone to have physical and mental problems, especially want to find the harbor of family and get the other half's love. If the husband and wife do not care about each other for long-term, they will finally have confrontation. Due to the lack of love in the marriage, many people turn to have an affair, looking for a lover to comfort their lonely hearts. This kind of emotion is often encountered in psychological counseling.

The marriage may be short or long, regardless of the length of time, we should cherish it. Marriage crisis can be saved. Many "model couples" have encountered marriage crisis. Intellect and wisdom warns that we should strive to resolve the crisis, so that the crisis can become the past, when we grow old, the crisis will become just the memories.

Divorce can not necessarily let people get relief, many middle-aged people regard divorce as the only way to toward a new life. In fact, divorce may not really be able to solve all the problems.

Fourth. Dreaming of being divorced with your wife

Dreaming of being divorced with your wife has two possibilities.

One is that you love my wife, you think she is too good, so you have a relatively low self-esteem, you are afraid of losing her, this dream is mainly caused by human psychological factors.

Two is that you have pressures in marriage lately. In your subconsciousness, you think that the feelings with your wife is not very good, you are in contradiction, often quarrel because of the trivial, etc.. But this is just a dream, if you really have disagreement with each other, you'd better make a good communication with your wife, you should love her, don't care too much about your dream. Live a good life is the hard truth.

Fifth. Dreaming of your friends being divorced

Dreaming of your friends being divorced indicates that you care about your friend's marriage very much, but it also reflects your own deep thinking of marriage.