Dream of divorce


Divorce is God's love. Marriage consists of troubles.

Dreaming of divorce means that the troubles of both husband and wife are solved and will be more loving.

Unmarried people dream of divorce, perhaps because you usually see other people's marriage unhappy. Subconsciously, you are afraid that there are really various contradictions in married life, making the marriage unstable and insecure, so you dream of divorce at night. In fact, these are psychological effects. Don't think too much. If you think too much, it will become a reality. If you don't think about it, there will be nothing. Usually, you just need to communicate more with each other and care more about and be considerate of lovers. In this way, you will not divorce after marriage, but also grow old in vain. In general, it means that you are worried that your feelings will change out of all kinds of thinking and assumptions.

Married people dream of divorce, which shows that the dreamer cares about his marriage court and hopes to live a stable and reliable emotional life.

Dream of divorce more explanation

  • May suggest that you are interested in & ldquo; Separation & rdquo; Worried.
  • It may indicate that you are not satisfied with your current relationship and marriage life.
  • It may suggest that you made a wrong decision.
  • It may suggest that you need to prioritize things.
  • It may suggest that you are going through a transition period in your life, or that change is coming.