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Dreaming of parents

  • Dreaming of becoming a child and getting along with your parents indicate that the lucky thing is about to happen. you can taste the delicious coffee and get the film coupons and so on. You will be very happy.
  • Dreaming of laughing and talking with your parents happily indicate that there will be trouble in your home. You will be tired of your parents, so you may be away from them, you are still a minor, do not rash hasty and regret for life, you should respect yourself.
  • Dreaming of your parents divorcing indicate that you may have poor relationship with your friends, you may produce some misunderstanding with your friends, it is better to explain clearly.
  • Dreaming of being loved by your mother indicate that you will have good things in love. You'd better choose the quiet places to date, such as libraries, museums, parks at dusk and so on.
  • Dreaming of getting a wigging by your father indicate that you will have some problems in health, you should pay attention to the accident especially.
  • Dreaming of leaving your parents and becoming lonely indicate that you will be lucky in love. If you are interested in the person, do not hesitate to pursue, you will not be blocked out because it's fated. 
  • Dreaming of the dead parents indicate that you will  lose money in business, you'd better be careful of your reputation. Dreaming of the dead mother indicate that you'd better not be confused by the blandishments of others, otherwise you will catch a bad habit and fall into a wrong path.
  • Dreaming of killing your parents indicate that subconsciously you're ready to put off the protection of your parents, you want to live your life independently. You can communicate well with your parents, and let them know what you think, your parents can give you the greatest assistance.
  • Dreaming of your parents quarrelling indicate that everything will be good in your family.