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Dreaming about guns

The gun is a weapon, symbolizing the misfortunes of the world.

  • To dream of shooting indicates that an unfortunate thing will happen due to your carelessness, you'd better be thoughtful.
  • To dream of pulling the trigger and the barrel bursting means that your friend's deception will make you have ill luck, you'd better be careful to make friends and treat them sincerely, honestly and totally! Do not be too self-centered.
  • To dream that someone shoots at you but you're not hurt means that you will be charged with a crime, but in the end you can get away with criminal penalties.
  • A woman dreams of carrying a gun means that her house may be robbed.
  • To dream of killing a man with a gun reminds you that you will be criticized by public opinion, you are likely to face failure, so you should strengthen your confidence.
  • To dream of hearing a shot reminds you that you have the wrong place, so you need to plan again. A woman dreams of hearing a shot reminds her to pay attention to communication, she'd better not argue with others, or she will lose her reputation.
  • To dream of buying guns indicates that you will be promoted.
  • To dream of selling guns reminds you that you may lose something. To dream of doing business with guns means that you will be valued by leaders and receive the honorary title.
  • To dream of putting a bullet in the gun indicates that you will get help from friends.
  • To dream of getting a gun means that you will be highly respected.
  • To dream of stealing a gun reminds you that you need to work harder to get more money.
  • To dream of losing your gun means that you are very emotional and responsible, you can share weal and woe with your family.
  • To dream of someone pointing a gun at you hints that you'd better not be too perky in daily life or work, just do what you can do, communicate with your family more and think twice before act.