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Dreaming about huge waves

  • To dream of the waves indicates good relationships.
  • To dream of the turbid waves indicates danger, you'd better take more care.
  • To dream of the rolling waves indicates that you're very dissatisfied with the current situation, you are very likely to get angry.
  • To dream of the rising tide or big storm indicates many difficulties and obstacles, you'd better make another plan.
  • To dream of the tempestuous waves everywhere indicates that you will encounter great risk and resistance.
  • A man dreams of the monstrous waves indicates that he should beware of investment risk.
  • A woman dreams of the monstrous waves indicates that she will encounter great pressure at work, so as to shake her entrepreneur spirit.
  • To dream that the tall waves coming ferociously, but you are not afraid indicates that you may be very busy in communication recently, you may help others solve problems or accompany your friends to see a movie and so on. You will be busy for the others, of course they will trust you more.
  • To dream of being caught in the sea indicates that you will be facing difficulties, or be at stake.
  • To dream of the sea waves flocking to your feet indicates good luck relationships, for example, your classmates or colleagues will like you very much, and you will have a new beginning in love and enjoy a sweet romance.
  • To dream of the waves beating on the shore indicates that you will have full of energy in life and love, you will make great progress too.
  • To dream of the waves coming on you indicates that you will get rich.
  • A businessman dreams of the waves coming on him indicates that he will make huge money.