How can 12 constellation women deal with mother-in-law?


Aries daughter-in-law

You'd better especially be careful of Aquarius mother-in-law, your mother-in-law might dislike your way of taking care of people. You always like to use your own methods to take care of people, your Aquarius mother-in-law would not mind unless she thought you were her enemy. For example, you do not listen to her, or you use the opposite way, she might exhort you. You and mother-in-law are all forthright and cool, you could become friends.

Taurus daughter-in-law

You'd better be careful of Libra mother-in-law, because the two people are somewhat stubborn. You would listen to what your mother-in-law says, but you would still do what you wanted to do. While your Libra mother-in-law might casually say something, and you have to pretend to respect her, but the problem is that you would not like to pretend to do anything. In fact as long as you could comfort her in words without doing anything, she would be all right. But you could not do so and might feel your mother-in-law very wordy.

Gemini daughter-in-law

It is not to say that Capricorn mother-in-law is difficult to get along with, but she is always decent and looks like a lady. You always persist in your old ways compared to her ladylike temperament. You might still be unaware even if you've bullied her.

Cancer daughter-in-law

You'd better not encounter the Aries mother-in-law. It is esay to please Aries mother-in-law. You are good at pleasing the elders. However, Aries is quite practical, she might refuse your kindness. Perhaps your Aries mother-in-law meant no harm. but she would still hurt your heart.  And Aries always lives in her own world, and dislikes you to disturb her. She hopes you do not disturb her, so you'd better pay attention to.

Leo daughter-in-law

You'd better be careful of Sagittarius mother-in-law, because she likes lovely and cute daughter-in-law without personal character. While you are quite a personality, so your mother-in-law could not like you.

Virgo daughter-in-law

You are most afraid of encountering the Scorpio mother-in-law. You work very hard, and do something without complaint despite hardships and criticism. But the Scorpio mother-in-law looks severe, and is a motherly model of the nation. You might be very nervous when dealing with her from the begining, but Scorpio likes ladylike and elegant daughter-in-law. She dislikes dutiful and submissive type. So the Scorpio mother-in-law would not like you what ever you do.

Libra daughter-in-law

If you encountered Virgo mother-in-law, you would be asked to do a lot of things. You would not refuse, but you would feel very bitter and would like someone to help you. You always like to be spoiled by your husband and ask him for help, but this might annoy your mother-in-law. The nagging Virgo mother-in-law would make you feel a lot of pressure.

Scorpio daughter-in-law

You'd better not meet the Cancer mother-in-law. The Cancer mother-in-law always does everything for her son, while you might always take the opposite attitude. But the two women could not communicate with each other truly enough. So the Cancer mother-in-law would do everything to help her son when in trouble, but you might think that your mother-in-law spoiled your husband too much. 

Sagittarius daughter-in-law

You are most afraid of encountering a Pisces mother-in-law. She is always competent, smart, beautiful, young and perfect. When she became your mother-in-law, she might look better than you. You'd better be careful because your Pisces mother-in-law is really mighty. You are self-important and want to do everything perfectly, so when you encountered such a mother-in-law, you would be troubled a lot. 

Capricorn daughter-in-law

You'd better be careful of a Leo mother-in-law because she is paternalistic. If you encounted such a mother-in-law, she would be the queen and a motherly model of the nation. She would make many rules for you. If you hadn't adopted to these rules at first, she might be staring at you every day. You'd better respect her as much as possible, it would be much better.

Aquarius daughter-in-law

You'd better pay attention to Gemini mother-in-law.  You would like to be her daughter-in-law, but she due to indeed Aquarius girls, anyway, really want to come to your house to do the daughter-in-law, but you could not understand your mother-in-law. But you are always very serious and would like to do what she asked. You'd better relax yourself and make a bit of reasonless with her.

Pisces daughter-in-law

Your natural enemy would be the Taurus mother-in-law, a bit like the relationship between men and women. Although you have the ever-changing skills, but you couldn't withstand her motionless character. Maybe you told a bunch of reasons, but your mother-in-law would direct at the center of the subject, so it would be useless for you to do anything.