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Dreaming of mother-in-law

  • Dreaming of quarrelling with your mother-in-law indicate that this relationship will be very harmonious.
  • Dreaming of feeling noiseful due to your mother-in-law indicate that she is very concerned about you.
  • Dreaming of your dead mother-in-law indicate that you will be lucky and happy.
  • Dreaming of your mother-in-law being dead indicate that you will be rich.
  • A staff dreams of mother-in-law being dead indicates that the wealth will be steady, which is mainly normal income, the good performance will bring you an optimistic income. 
  • Divorced and widowed people dream of mother-in-law being dead indicate that there may be a disaster.
  • An unmarried girl dreams of her future mother-in-law indicates that the wealth luck for wealth is general, have stable income, but the amount of spending will become smaller and smaller. This is a good chance to save money.