Dream of slippers


The slippers in the dream, on the one hand, mean that there are no constraints and follow one's inclinations; On the other hand, it also suggests that it may be too loose and willful. And lead to frustration and failure.

Dream of wearing new leather slippers, everything will go well.

Dream of broken slippers, omen to move.

Dream of buying slippers and building a new house soon.

Dream of losing slippers, will be cheated by the enemy, suffer losses.

Dream of wearing gold slippers, will get sick or damaged, or suffer economic losses. We should be cautious in the near future.

Dream of wearing expensive slippers decorated with silver, which means that you will be famous, high and rich.

Dreaming of changing slippers with others implies that the dreamer desires a more free and unrestrained life, or can meet more desires in his heart in terms of sex.

Different people dream of slippers

A woman dreams of slippers and will be separated from her husband.

Unmarried men dream of slippers. They will achieve research results and live a happy life.

Unmarried women dream of slippers and will marry a devout believer with noble character.

Men dream of slippers, indicating frustration.