Dream of escape


From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, dreaming of escape and flight, on the one hand, implies a strong desire to get rid of the shackles of the current situation in your heart. Perhaps there is too much pressure on work or study, which makes you want to escape. On the other hand, it may also indicate disaster. Because running away or fleeing is usually to avoid misfortune. The more you fear misfortune, the more misfortune will come to you. Therefore, dreaming of running away or fleeing often means that disaster is coming. In addition:

  • Dream of someone chasing you when you run away or escape, suggesting that you feel stressed when you communicate with close people because you are too nervous recently.
  • Dream that he escaped from the enemy's encirclement, indicating that he will avoid disaster.
  • Dreaming that you can't escape indicates that you have to endure hard and get through the period of depression.
  • I dreamed that I ran away, but was caught again, suggesting that work and study are progressing smoothly and will get important gains.
  • Dream of being attacked by wild animals and finally escape, suggesting that you may get seriously ill, but you will recover in the end.
  • Dream of escaping the punishment of the law after committing a crime, which indicates that there will be setbacks and disasters in life.
  • I dreamed of running away, and later I was lucky to escape from the forbidden place, which indicates that you will have a good chance to fight a day in the mall and dig up quickly after hard work.