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Dreaming of escaping

From the psychological perspective of dream, dreaming of escaping suggests that you have a strong desire to get rid of the shackles on one hand, maybe your work or study pressure is too big, so you want to escape. On the other hand, this kind of dream may also indicate a disaster because the purpose for escaping is to avoid misfortune. The more you fear misfortune, the more you will find it.

  • To dream of escaping or someone chasing you hints that you will be serious when dealing with people close to you because of the recent tense.
  • To dream of escaping from the enemies' encirclement indicates that you will ward off misfortune.
  • To dream that you can't escape indicates that you have to endure and get through the depression. 
  • To dream that you've escaped but being caught again hints that you will get on well with your work and study, and you will get important harvest. 
  • To dream of being attacked by wild animals, and finally escape hints that you may get a serious illness, but you will eventually recover. 
  • To dream of escaping of the legal sanctions after crime indicates that you will suffer setbacks, disasters in life. 
  • To dream of escaping from the place of imprisonment luckily indicates that you will have a chance to make a day in business.

Zhougong Dream Dictionary

  • To dream that you can't escape indicates that you can't ward off a disaster.
  • To dream of escaping suddenly indicates that you will be plotted by the enemy, so you'd better be careful. If you have such a dream when you suffer a disaster or disease, which means that you will be fine.
  • To dream of your servant escaping indicates that he will have ill will.
  • To dream of the criminal fleeing to your house represents disease or even death.
  • To dream of fleeing to the wilderness mountains or pastoral temples indicates a good omen.
  • To dream of escaping by train, ship, donkey or horse indicates good or bad according to the place for arriving.
  • To dream of escaping indicates that you will be fine.