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Dreaming of flying

To dream of flying indicates that you will be promoted.

  • To dream of flying means that you will be promoted and make money in business.
  • A woman dreams of flying with strangers means that she will break up with her husband and know a man of a higher social position.
  • To dream of flying in the sky means that you will be vigorous and popular. You will be eye-catching and engage in new work vigorously. You are very likely to be promoted.
  • A person in love dreams of flying with his lover indicates that he will succeed in love.
  • To dream of flying to the sky means that you will move to a new level
  • To dream that you are flying, but you can not fly high means that the reality is not as good as you think, it's just that you're asking for too much.
  • To dream of flying in the sky always symbolizes freedom and success.
  • A married woman dreams of flying with a stranger means that she is not satisfied with her family, she may want to leave her husband or her children may fall ill. She'd better more care about them.
  • To dream of flying from muddy water reminds you to take care of your own affairs because your opponent is paying close attention to you.
  • To dream of flying easily without pressure means that you will have good luck recently. You should help those who need help, and you will be rewarded in the future.
  • To dream of flying from the dilapidated place hints that you may have ill luck recently. If you noticed the green plants below in the dream means that you will experience temporary constraints of life, but then you will go up the ladder quickly.
  • To dream of flying in space and flying past the moon and other planets indicates that you will get into trouble.
  • To dream of flying and you can touch the stars and the moon indicates that you'll hear rumors of a major disaster.
  • To dream of flying in fear or flying too high hints that you are worried about the challenge and confused about whether you can succeed.