Dream of flying

From a psychological point of view, & ldquo; Fly & rdquo; It makes people feel comfortable. It is a very common self-protection mode in human psychology. So some people think that when dreaming of flying in a dream, it usually indicates that the dreamer wants to pass & ldquo; Fly & rdquo; To escape the inner pressure and conflict, especially when you feel great pressure in life, having such dreams will have a stronger meaning of escape. Just avoiding can only temporarily relieve psychological pressure, and can not fundamentally solve the problem. Sooner or later, we have to face it. So, occasionally dream of & ldquo; Fly & rdquo; It can help alleviate psychological conflict or psychological pressure, but in the long run & ldquo; Fly & rdquo; If it goes on, it will affect mental health.

Others believe that dreaming of flying is not a bad thing, because dreaming of flying is the promotion of the master. Flying is the elevation of position and represents the promotion of position. Dream of flying, suggesting that the dreamer's position will be promoted, the business will be profitable and will have good luck. Others believe that dreaming of flying means that the dreamer is now energetic, and also implies that the dreamer has the ability and confidence to eliminate any difficulties in work in reality.

The ancient Indians believed that when sexual energy reached the top of the head along the channel, they dreamed of flying. The ancient Chinese believed that & ldquo; If you are prosperous, you will dream of flying & rdquo;, Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if there are diseases in the upper jiao (i.e. the part from head to appetite), including chest, head, heart and lung, it is easy to dream of flying. Here are other information about & ldquo; Dream of flying & rdquo; Interpretation of:

  • Dreaming of flying also means that you will be free.
  • Dreaming of flying in the sky mostly symbolizes freedom and success. It is an expression of self-confidence.
  • Dreaming of flying freely at high altitude shows that the dreamer has the ability to control everything and has the space to display his ability.
  • Dream of flying over the muddy water, reminding the dreamer to handle his personal affairs carefully, because his opponent is paying close attention to himself and waiting for the opportunity to bewitch him.
  • The feeling of dreaming of flying is relaxed and has no sense of pressure, indicating that the dreamer has been doing well in the near future. When someone needs help, the dreamer should help and will certainly reap rewards in the future.
  • Dreaming of flying from a dilapidated place indicates that the dreamer may have bad luck in the near future and the surrounding environment is frustrating. If he notices the green plants below during the flight, it indicates that the dreamer will experience a short-term hard life, but then he will make progress.
  • Dreaming of traveling in space, flying over the moon and other planets indicates all kinds of troubles.
  • Dreaming of flying and falling down indicates that the dreamer's recent health is not very good,
  • Dream of flying in the sky with the wind, suggesting that the dreamer has a shadow in his personal behavior, reminding the dreamer to be cautious in his words and deeds, not to speak ill of others behind his back, and to be careful of his behavior to prevent trouble from coming out of his mouth.
  • Dream of flying with wings, which indicates the dreamer's business progress and love success. If you often dream like this, the dreamer will always prosper and achieve his wish.
  • Dream of flying high with black wings, reminding dreamers that they should often look back and re-examine whether their route deviates from the established goal. If it deviates, they should reposition and find the right direction to seek the best development.
  • Dreaming that he is flying but not high indicates that things in reality are not as good as the dreamer imagined. The formulation of the ideal is too high and unable to do what he wants. On the contrary, he has a sense of frustration, reminding the dreamer that he should act according to his ability and step by step will be better.
  • Dreaming of flying at low altitude implies that the dreamer has the ability, but does not play it out.