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Dreaming of heart

Heart rhythm of life. Heartbeat rhythm symbolizes the pace of life. Dreaming of heartbeating indicate that there will be some problems in life, bad days are coming, you may be dismissed or bedridden, business will be damaged.

  • Dreaming of abnormal heartbeat indicate that the rhythm of life is broken, bad things will appear. Or you will be dismissed or bedridden or suffer losses in business. A woman does such a dream indicates that her family will be harassed, hooligans and thieves will harass her family.
  • Dreaming of counting the number of heart beats indicate that you are exploring the pace of life, you may want to reach the limits of your own physical ability in order to satisfy your desire. This is often interpreted as a debauched.
  • Dreaming of putting your hands on your heart indicate that you are trying to protect your own life, there must be some problems in life, the enemy is approaching or life is in danger.
  • Dreaming of yourself or your loved ones dying of a heart attack indicate that you will slow down the pace of life, accident in life and fluctuations in mood will reduce, you will live a comfortable old age.
  • Dreaming of the heart stopping beating indicate that disaster will strike.