Palmistry - heart line

M: left hand, female: right hand.

Heart line, also known as the "love line" manifests itself not only the strength of the feelings, but also the performance of the feelings of the complex or simple. People are creatures of emotion. Even smart high, there is no way to live a lack of emotional life living alone. As for the emotions and feelings, is in this line.

  • Clear and deep heart line, good luck, PepsiCo well, and no scruples, courage, anything as long as implemented, will be able Yields, fame and interest.
  • Feelings online such as hair tufted camel long several long or numerous fine lines and sagging, the main lack of decisiveness everything due to the delay and loss of opportunity.
  • heart line two, three or fork line, the main thoughts disorders, the mind is not designed, professional record or engage in two or three career.
  • heart line is too long, the main enthusiasm and heartless, jealous of experience. The contrary, the emotions too short loss, the main ruthless, only aware of, I do not know, blindly run amok, and do not consider the consequences, will inevitably be surrounded by exclusion, and become lonely.
  • heart line was extended to the root of the index finger, the main honest and reliable, with a moral heart love Chunzhi. But tend to be too trusting drag. Smart the first half of the line is very straight horizontal line, the latter half into the next ramp and terminate in the upper part of the lunar mound, the main forethought and practice to.
  • Emotional line extending between the index and middle fingers, the main character is correct, love, loyal, without undue suspicion and jealousy, confidant, will not love the subject failed to provoke.
  • Feelings of the line is too long and extends to the outside of Jupiter Hill, the main indiscriminate love, possessive and stubborn, jealousy defended brutal rampage blindly, not up to endless.
  • Emotional line extends to the bottom of the ring finger, which means that for the pleasures of the inner body, spiritual love never seriously. Due to the selfish, reckless, so most of the sentiments of infidelity, love is fickle.
  • Feelings of the line until the bottom of the middle finger, and extends to Saturn mound, the main just for the sake of sensual, sensual love. Will not only emotional abuse and capricious mood.
  • Emotions from the index finger from the bottom, which extends the main compassion to first decline Hoshigaoka people, rich spirit of sacrifice. So often sacrifice yourself and the Yucheng others.
  • Emotional line extension to Jupiter Hill, and the end of the fall of man, suggesting liable to encounter unexpected mishap, so feel free to beware of.
  • Emotions intermittent and broken nervousness, joy efforts dirge fickle whims, love will not be strong, inner concentration, it is difficult to get a happy love life.
  • Emotions beyond the clever line, the main work is more important than love, love is thin, like to live alone, even if the marriage is a formality only.
  • Emotional line branch line extended to the people of Mars Hill, the main emotion is particularly rich, warm. To support vulnerable shake, it is difficult to maintain a permanent love.
  • Emotions of the local bifurcation, an extension to Jupiter Hill, another extends to people between the index and middle fingers, the Lord, love enough is enough, no more than degree of addiction, so life was always led a successful love life.
  • Emotions really at the end of four weeks, numerous Spur Line, the main love loyal, Similarly, to get each other's love.
  • Feelings of the end of the line with a three-pronged, the performance of the main love is multifaceted.
  • The love online thrown countless decline Extension if the branch line, which means that the love life more easily broken. And the relationship between the implied with the opposite sex is extraordinarily complex.
  • Feelings online thrown countless rise Extension, which means that their love relationship is quite clear, and the spirit of brotherhood, sacrifice personal interests for the benefit of everyone, not only friendship, and you can enjoy a happy love life.
  • The emotions starting point around two or three rising branch line, which means that love, but also "flirting Kathrine", that is, has the charm to attract the opposite sex.
  • heart line the starting point of the line above and below, each with a spur line, which means that in the branch line of the opposite sex or marriage on the subject, easily dispute.
  • heart line around the starting point, a number of branch lines of people, which means that their reproductive performance is sound, so the sub-Win Cosmos.
  • heart line to the Lord, then thrown a parallel line, also known as the "double emotions, love is the main good performance. Women, which means that the husband can get away and spend a happy marriage life.
  • heart line extension Jupiter Hill, and in its lower again in another branch line, and the end come into contact with the clever line, palmistry is the most common in women, of course, full of love, but because of the strong ambition, so will be able to professionally to develop.
  • Feelings interrupt line in the bottom of the middle finger, which means that not due to personal topics, and due to the twist of fate, the love himself away.
  • Emotions into a chain-like, the master caution careful toil more worries, the frequent performance unease good, there is no way to maintain a happy relationship.
  • Feelings interrupt line at the bottom of the little finger, the main cause of too much emphasis on materialism and selfishness, after so lead to the rupture of the change love or married life.