Couples' house of the twelve constellations (the seventh house)

The couples' palace is the palace of face-to-face relationship, ranking seventh in the horoscope, representing trade, spouse, marriage, divorce, contract, law, litigation, transactions, agreements, shareholders, partners and all public related contacts and public reactions. It represents your enemies and what you lack most. It also represents your attitude towards marriage and marital status. It also means that anyone other than your grandparents is sponsoring or replacing you. The ten sides are the planets in the couple's house.


People whose sun falls into the house of husband and wife are easy to develop close feelings with others. Cooperation is your life policy, so when you partner with others, you perform best. However, you must know that the wishes of your partners are as important as your own. If the aspect is good, you will also attract friendly, capable and loyal friends. Marriage is very important in your life. When the sun is in good phase, your partner and you have a lasting relationship. If the aspect is not good, you may like to control him or be controlled by others, and you are mostly used to forcing your own will on others. If the sun is in the same phase, the life after marriage will continue to develop successfully. This situation depends on the degree of popularity at work, the attitude of getting along with the boss and self-confidence. People in this position are especially suitable for public relations work and are expected to become good salespeople and propagandists. And you have great luck in legal or court contacts.


People with the moon in the couple's house are popular in society. This position will praise the relationship between adults and people. Usually your marriage partner is a little similar to your father or mother. Because of your emotional dependence, you get married very early. You will get married in order to seek emotional and family security, and family has a great impact on your marriage. Because your mind is extremely delicate and sensitive, you need to meet your emotional needs very much, so you are easily influenced by others.In the workplace, you are good at public relations, but if you want to be successful forever, you must grow mature in interpersonal relationships. When the moon is in a dissonant phase, you may have a sensitive, emotional partner.


Mercury in the couple's house attaches great importance to communication with others and spiritual fit. You like team work and are good at communicating with the public, so you are suitable for sales, public relations and legal work. Mercury in this position will care about other people's thoughts and tend to seek friends who know and cherish each other. In marriage, you want to marry someone who is intelligent and educated.If mercury is in a good phase, you are very talented in arbitration, mediation and consultation, and often have a special preference for psychology. You often become a garbage can for friends to pour out their thoughts. If mercury is in a bad phase, it will have the tendency of poor communication with others, frustrated marriage, easy misunderstanding with peers, and no way to abide by the contract. You should consider the contract carefully before you sign it. In addition, sticking to one's own views can also cause unhappiness in marriage. If mercury is out of phase, your partner may be unfaithful.

When Mercury is in the seventh house, marriage partners may come from subordinates, partners or relatives, and your relationship with your partner will be happy and harmonious. You prefer an acute, but resourceful and gifted object. Your marriage may be more mental than emotional, and you may have more than one marriage. In addition, you may marry someone much younger than you, or you may get married in a hurry when you were very young.


People with Venus in the husband and wife house are good at creating a harmonious atmosphere. Because they can be popular among the masses, your business partnership will be very smooth. You have a legal mind, and you can do well in any legal affairs. It is also suitable to be engaged in psychology, sales, public relations, performing arts, etc. You are compassionate by nature. If you are unmarried all your life, you must be at your own choice, not the lack of opportunities. You get along well with all kinds of people, and you are also very helpful socially.If you have a good aspect, you will have admired social skills and a happy marriage. You are very popular and considerate, and you have the ability to handle public affairs. Therefore, for you, marriage and personal friendship are very important. You will choose to get married as soon as possible in order to meet your love, and you will get social relations and financial progress through marriage. Group relationships help you express love and receive it in the same way. If the aspect is restrained, you tend to hate, which may even lead to sadism.


Mars in the house of husband and wife represents the integration of partners and public affairs, and sometimes conflicts with others for self-interest or competitiveness. You will also be aggressive and have positive Martian characteristics. If your aspect is not good, you need to learn to soften your diplomatic skills when contacting others. People in this position tend to act and work with others. If Mars is in a good position, many goals can be achieved. Usually you get married early or in a hurry. Your marriage partner is usually a close friend and business partner, and has a desire to dominate. Due to conflict with people who are both husband and wife and colleagues, if the phase is bad, there may be different opinions, leading to divorce and other phenomena. You like to get involved in financial cooperation, and there are many disputes.


Jupiter in the couple's house has a kind and friendly heart. You have a strong sense of justice and hope that others will treat you fairly. You will ask your partner for perfect moral values. It is best to have wealth or high social status at the same time. Your business is going well because you have good judgment in choosing the right partner. This is also a good aspect in legal affairs, and there is a tendency to marry someone for money. If the aspect is not good, you will take things for granted and expect too much of others. Pay more attention to those who are weak and boastful.


Saturn in couples' house will either marry late or with mature and dignified people, but your marriage will be stable and lasting. Your working ability is quite reliable. You have the ability to govern and make contracts. You can lay your own future by cooperating with others. If the aspect is not good, you will be easy to criticize. Your marriage partner may be cold, devoid of love, and like to sing the opposite tune. You should pay special attention.You may experience difficulties or disappointments in marriage or partnership, or you may have an age gap with your partner. It is unwise for you to get married before you know yourself and the outside world.

Your attitude towards sex is very cautious, which is not without reason, because you have been rejected by the object of your choice. You are responsible and mature in attitude. You usually point your desire to the field of the public. Although you are outgoing and sociable, don't forget that you also need time to recharge. If you don't find time to be alone, your health may suffer. Negative aspects can make you a lonely person.


Uranus in the couples' house yearns for free marriage and work. You have an extreme need for freedom and independence and hate being bound by your partner. Your love often happens in the case of sudden death. The other half may have unusual talent. At this time, you may be jealous of your partner. As for other relationships, such as close friends, you may suddenly turn over because you are too sensitive and lack self-control. Because your behavior is unpredictable, your interpersonal relationship is put to the test. This position also implies the pursuit of literature and art.


Neptune in the couple's house has strong spiritual dependence on their spouse and is easily infected by the emotions of others. You have a selfless understanding of people and are usually intuitive. If there are problems in your marriage, most of the reasons come from the interference around you. Therefore, you must pay attention to your friends around you and do not trust them too much. In addition, you have a talent for music and art. At least you love art.If you are willing to influence others, your choice of partner is very important. You and your partner can't see each other clearly, there may be an unacceptable relationship, or you may fall into a crazy love and elope. When Neptune is in this constellation, please be sure to take off your pink glasses and learn to face reality. At the same time, we must learn to give and not expect too much in return. If you have a negative aspect, you need to stay away from the legal implications and look carefully before you sign any documents. Neptune in this position is sometimes a sign of marriage or partnership with a disabled person.


Pluto in the couples' house must learn how to cooperate with others. As long as you have a positive attitude and keep working hard, you will definitely live in harmony with others. If the aspect is good, you will understand the inner motivation of others, but do not control people younger than you. You must learn fairness and responsibility.You are energetic, changeable and attractive. Your activities affect others as much as they affect you. Your partner may have different religious or cultural backgrounds; This will affect your need to make more adjustments in your relationship. Sometimes you may get married because you need it, or you may experience divorce, elopement, or the loss of one of your parents. When you use your strength properly, you may become a pioneer and be able to establish a worldwide concept in your field. You may be recognized by the public, but usually you must share it with a partner. When you don't use it properly, this position may lead to legal problems, and your lack of diplomacy may help you create many enemies.