The twelfth house of constellations, the palace of wealth and wealth (the second house)

The second house of the twelve constellations is the palace of wealth and wealth, which is a palace of materials and resources. Represents a person's economic status, property (excluding real estate), ability to invest, make money and handle money. It represents your inner talent and intelligence, your practical needs, self-worth and values. It is also a post heaven palace representing freedom. Similarly, when different planets fall into this house, different information will be displayed. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the ten planets in the house of wealth and wealth.


Those who have the sun in the palace of wealth and wealth must learn how to use money and property in ways that are truly beneficial to life, not just to meet temporary needs.The position of the sun sign has a great influence on the way you earn and use money. For example, if the sun is in Gemini and the second house, it will easily make money and spend it on the pursuit of knowledge. If the sun is in Leo and the second house, it will make money with its governance ability, and use the money for drama, art, tourism or social affairs. But in any case, people with the sun in the second house will want to make more money because they have strong willpower and want to achieve economic independence.

If the sun is not in the second house, you will think that only through wealth can you gain dignity. You also tend to control others, but only for the purpose of increasing your own wealth. In addition, you will also buy expensive luxury goods, such as the Armani suit of the season, which will satisfy you.Children in this house should be encouraged to share toys with other children.


The moon in the house of wealth and silk is a little similar to the moon in Taurus. You are eager to obtain economic independence to ensure family life. You need to enjoy material comfort to achieve psychological balance. You have excellent entrepreneurial ability, especially in the industries related to catering, family and real estate. Although your income may fluctuate, you are still a shrewd businessman and save well. If the moon is in the earth sign, your career will be better.


Mercury people in the palace of wealth and wealth are very interested in financial growth. They are very concerned about trade and pay attention to money. Their values are very practical and they are masters of bargaining. Your way of making money is widely used in the fields of writing, printing, publishing, radio, telephone interview, teaching and mass communication. The main purpose of your education is to improve your ability to make money. You have your own way to make money, and this method is almost the same. You are suitable for the positions of Professor of economics, trade consultant, trade planner, etc. In addition, many mercury people in this house work as secretaries, accountants, library administrators, telephone operators and writers.


Venus, located in the palace of wealth and silk, attaches importance to money and the acquisition of money, and is good at accumulating wealth. He likes to engage in a career related to beauty, and his love for art can benefit him. Generally speaking, you believe you can buy everything you want with money. You pursue wealth to achieve a higher social status. Your desired love partner is a rich person who can provide you with material needs. This Venus position also shows your talent in trade, especially in trade transactions related to art. If you are engaged in the art industry, you are likely to get rich. If you are engaged in social activities, you will make progress more smoothly.Women with Venus in this position usually spend money lavishly; Men in this position tend to spend a lot of money to please their girlfriends.


Mars in the house of wealth and silk represents the active pursuit of money, that is, a strong material desire. It is ambitious to make money, but it will also spend money. Although your risk-taking in investment will make you rich, you are also very impulsive in consumption. Usually, you will spend all your money as soon as you earn it. Therefore, you must carefully examine your purpose of spending money.Such people have the desire to start their own businesses and have the courage to achieve them, rather than joining existing institutions to serve. You are competitive in trade and hope to prove yourself through your ability to make money. In addition, you often hope to surpass your competitors. You will fight to protect your property. When others seize the interests you should have, you will be very angry. On the other hand, you will temporarily give up your rights and interests in order to strive for a higher level.

If Mars is in the second house but the aspect is not good, you will pay too much attention to material value. In order to obtain benefits or satisfy desires, you may have the tendency of fighting, stealing and other dishonesty.


Jupiter's people in the house of wealth and wealth are very lucky in material terms. They have practical trading ability and broad mindedness, and will bring good luck about money and property. They can make big money easily. But if the aspect is not good, money will come and go quickly. You are usually busy with real estate, Chinese products, food, hospitals, as well as psychology, education, fund planning, tourism and publishing. You may take things for granted, but obviously, you can't predict business contingencies, so you should be careful not to incur debt.


Saturn in the house of wealth and wealth, only hard work can make money, but the financial progress is considerable, and you have to work hard. They are very shrewd in trade and can always buy things worth more. They are good at managing money and are richer in old age, but they may become stingy if they are too frugal. Sometimes their investment in business, or even their refusal to pay the necessary expenses, causes obstacles in business. These come from their fear of poverty.


Uranus in the house of wealth implies an unstable financial situation. You are very impulsive to make money and spend money. Although you have an unusual talent to make money, you still can't make ends meet, so you may involve improper money games. You can make money from the business of electronics or technology industry. If the aspect is good, your money can be used for human and scientific purposes.


Neptune's people in the house of wealth idealize the use of money too much. You may spend a lot of money for a noble goal without considering the reality. Sometimes it is a character with both advantages and disadvantages. You have the intuition to make money, but your extravagant character makes it difficult for you to keep your property and may be taken advantage of by others. I advise you to be more practical with money.


Pluto in the house of wealth and silk has a strong desire for possession, including feelings and money, and even other people's money. You should learn that people are the rulers of money and should refrain from the desire for possession of money. You have deep insight enough to understand all kinds of life experiences and express them in a very strong way. If you can't, you prefer not to mention it. You are not good at compromising with others. Unless there is specific evidence that you are wrong, you will carry it out all the time.