What palmistry and physiognomy indicate ups and downs in life?

Some people spend a smooth life, no wind, no waves, and some people are ill-fated with full of ups and downs. These informations can be seen from the Eight Characters and also from physiognomy.

1, There are Chinese word "Chuan" pattern or single transverse palmar crease in the palm

People with Chinese word "Chuan" pattern or single transverse palmar crease in the palm mostly have thin relationships with loved ones,gather less and separate more. Such people are more subjective and difficult to compromise with the people, women tend to have a divorced marriage while men are easy to offend people, and easy to encounter ups and downs in life.

Recommendation:To be adopted to the lucky people to reduce their hostility. Pay attention to the fortune in about 41-55 years old to improve the appearance.

2, There is hanging needle broken pattern in glabella

The forehead is called called "glabella" in physiognomy, in the middle of the forehead there is an obvious straight line, known as the "hanging needle pattern", also known as "hanging needle broken pattern." People with such pattern are depressed in heart, but they will forge ahead if they have a goal, they will not give up, so the success rate is high, but sometimes they are too impatient and autocratic, os it is easy to encounter ups and downs. Men with such pattern will live a hard life and can not have stable business development, women will not have smooth love life.

Recommendation:Take some time to go abroad every year to relax, help defuse the knot, but also help evacuate ill luck.

3, The aural deformity

The outer ear is the helix, the protruding inner part of the ear is called auricle, if the helix could not be covered, which is called "expose one's renegade nature". People with such ears are rebellious, subjective and creative. If the ear is whiter than face, then the people could become famous in the performing arts or creative work, but they would still encounter ups and downs in life.

Recommendation:You can cover the ears with long hairs or pierce ears to reduce the negative impact.

4, The mandarin duck eyes

If the eyes vary in size obviously, which are called "mandarin duck eyes". People with such eyes would encounter ups and downs in life, if coupled with two uneven eyebrows or scattered brow tail, then the people would have ups and downs in 31-40 years old.

Recommendation:Wear plain glass spectacles to reduce the impact force.

5, The nose is exerted

Man's nose is the God of wealth, straight nose with flesh, plump nosewing, and two cheekbones are also full, which is a good physiognomy. But if the nose bridge has sections without flesh, nostrils are exerted, and two cheekbones have no flesh, and there are stripes or bloodshot on nose, then the people would have ups and downs in life. Woman's nose is the luck to help her husband, people with above characteristics would be affected by different issues on marital relations and career .