What palmistry and physiognomy indicate ups and downs in life?

Some people have a smooth life, without wind and waves, while others are ill fated and have ups and downs. These situations can be seen not only from a person's eight character destiny Bureau, but also in philology.

1. The palm has Sichuan character or broken palm

Most of the people who have Sichuan word palm or broken palm have a thin relationship with their relatives, and they gather less and leave more. People with this kind of palm are subjective and difficult to compromise with others. Women are prone to divorce, men are easy to offend people, and they are prone to ups and downs on the road of life.

Suggestion: give the contract to the more blessed people to reduce their hostility. Paying attention to the fortune of 41-55 years old can improve the appearance.

2. There is a broken seal of hanging needle in the printing hall

The forehead is called & ldquo; Yintang;, There is an obvious straight line in the middle of the forehead, called & ldquo; Hanging needle pattern;, Also called & ldquo; The hanging needle breaks the mark & rdquo;. People with this pattern are depressed, but when they have a goal, they will move forward bravely and never give up until they reach the goal, so the success rate is quite high, but sometimes they are too impatient and arbitrary, so they are prone to ups and downs. Men with this pattern work harder and develop their careers more repeatedly, while women are not happy in their love life.

Suggestion: take some time out of the country every year to relax, which will help resolve the heart knot and evacuate the bad luck.

3. The ears are contoured and reverse wrapped

The outer side of the ear is the ear wheel, and the protruding part of the inner circle of the ear is the auricle. If the auricle is too prominent, the ear wheel cannot be wrapped, which becomes & ldquo; Wheel flying profile reverse;, Also known as & ldquo; Anti bone ear & rdquo;. People with this ear appearance are rebellious and creative. If their ears are whiter than their faces and they are engaged in acting or creative work, they can become famous, but their fortunes still rise and fall.

Suggestion: you can leave long hair to cover your ears or pierce your ears to help reduce the negative effects.

4. Eyes are mandarin duck eyes

If the two eyes are obviously different in size, it is called & ldquo; Mandarin duck eyes & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Big and small eyes & rdquo;. People with such eyes have great ups and downs in their life. If they add two eyebrows with different heights or scattered eyebrow tail hair, their luck will be repeated and uncertain between the ages of 31 and 40.

Suggestion: choose to use flat glasses to reduce influence.

5. The nose is an exposed nostril

A man's nose is a wealth star. The bridge of his nose is straight and thick, and his nose wings are full, and his two cheekbones are full, which is a good appearance. However, if the bridge of his nose is jointed, his nose has no meat, his nostrils are exposed, and there is no meat on his two cheekbones, or there are horizontal lines or blood threads on his nose, his luck will rise and fall greatly. A woman's nose is her husband's luck. If she has the above characteristics, her husband and wife's feelings and career will be affected by different problems.