Is it good to dream about marriage

1. Girls dream of being brides

If the person who has this dream is a marriageable woman, or a woman who subconsciously yearns for marriage and love, Congratulations! This dream is the most auspicious dream in marriage. Whether you have stable love or not, it means that your love luck will rise and will bring you a very happy feeling. If you have the right boyfriend around you, remember to keep dating. Lucky dating places, such as concert halls or art galleries, where there is a strong artistic atmosphere, will greatly improve their intimacy.

Sometimes in a dream wedding, the hero will be a stranger or a non favorite object. It doesn't matter. As long as the wedding is generally happy for you, it can represent your rising love luck.

2. Men dream of getting married

Just contrary to women, the more possible things in dreams are, the less likely they are to happen. When a man encounters such a dream, he should remember to take good advantage of his current love and be careful not to let the people around him fly away. If he has a favorite object, he should also seize the time to express his love.

In addition, there are several dream explanations related to marriage:

  • Dream of parents attending the wedding ceremony & mdash& mdash; You'll meet someone who can help you
  • Dream of the bride and groom worship each other & mdash& mdash; You will continue to be a sign of inheritance, but it is also a sign of obstacles and suffering.
  • Dream of entering a luxurious banquet place or wedding place & mdash& mdash; It means to have a successful career and get wealth and reputation in the future.
  • Dream that there are many drinks in the wedding place & mdash& mdash; This is a hint that something worrying and worrying will happen.
  • Dream of the groom laughing & mdash& mdash; This is a sign of excitement when you meet someone you like.
  • I dreamed that I had become the marriage leader & mdash& mdash; It will be prosperous.
  • Dream of your lover marrying someone else & mdash& mdash; It means that the marriage will be delayed by disadvantages from relatives and friends.