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Is it good to dream about marriage

The most interpretation in Online Dream Dictionary of "marriage" is that if the young men and women dreamed about getting married, they would get sick. This answer makes many people confused, What would the obviously happy and harmonious dream reflect the symbol of illness? Let me introduce some ​​new comments to right a wrong for "marriage" dreams.

1. A woman dreamed about becoming a bride

If the dreamer is a marriageable woman, or woman has aspirations of marriage and love in subconsciousness. Congratulations! This dream would be the most auspicious dream about marriage regardless of whether you have stable love at represent. You would have good love fortune, which would bring you a very happy feeling. If surrounded by the right boyfriend, you'd better make good contacts. Fortunate meeting places, such as concert halls or art galleries and other art atmosphere relatively strong local could let you make great progress in love.

Sometimes the actor of wedding in dream might be the stranger or unadmired person, it doesn't matter. As long as this wedding could make you happy, it represents you would have flourishing love fortune.

2. A man dreamed about getting marriage

Just the opposite with a woman, the more possible things in the dream would be more unlikely to occur. If a man had such dreams, he'd better hold his present love. He should be careful not to let the lover fly away. He should seize the time to tell the truth if he had favorite object. He has to be careful of the hidden crisis around.

In addition, there are several other marriage-related dreams explanations:

  • Dreamed about parents are participating in the wedding ceremony——the dreamer would get elegant aid.
  • Dreamed about the bride and groom are worshipping——the dreamer would get the heritage. However, the dreamer might encounter obstacles and signs of suffering for everything.
  • Dreamed about walking into a luxurious banquet space or wedding venue——the dreamer would get good career success, wealth and reputation.
  • Dreamed about a lot of drinks at the wedding place——the dreamer might encounter worrying and anxiety things.
  • Dreamed about the groom is laughing——the dreamer would be excited to meet admirable person.
  • Dreamed about becoming the officiate—— the dreamer would go up the ladder.
  • Dreamed about his lover marrying someone else—— the marriage would be delayed due to relatives and friends.