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Palmistry Encyclopedia - marriage line

Marriage is two people in love, and they hope to be together for ever. But this promise is like a gamble, sometimes need to rely on luck. If they won, feel just like a fish in water. Lost, was physically hurt. Indeed, in the marriage of mysterious, is by hand to break one or two. Here are ten kinds of marriage lines, is just for reference only.

First, there is a deep and clear marriage line, which front did not bend down.

Analysis: having a happy marriage

If you have a marriage line left and right, and marriage line is clear and bright, and it was extended level, which means you can get a happy marriage. This person's life can only have one spouse, your marriage can be happy. You are loyal to each other, although quarrel cannot be avoided, but the more time passes the more solid your marriage.

Second, there are two marriage lines, and the long-short

Analysis: Love and marriage

The longer the marriage line is represents that the more successful marriage is.Such people do not need to rely on others to get to know the opposite sex. Another short marriage line indicates the choice of love, they do not like their elders intervention. So people have this palmistry, usually love and get married freely.

Third, There are several marriage lines , but not the same thickness.

Analysis: Enviable marriage

You are sentimental person, you can get a lot of people's love. If the above marriage line is clear and long, it means you do not lose yourself in front of the feelings.

Fourth, a number of marriage lines

Analysis: Extramarital affair

From one-night love to the Extramarital affair, what can be worse than this. Marriage is like to do for others to read, but you always want a another lover.

Fifth, the marriage line is from shallow to deep

Analysis: the marriage is getting better and better

Deep and long marriage line indicates deep feelings, shallow and short line represents the feelings of marriage is shallow. Marriage line is from dark to light, showing emotion after first concentrated light. If the line is from shallow to deep, then it means love at first touch, such as puppy love, passion and later, getting better.

Sixth, there are four or five marriage lines, and the longest marriage line is at midfield, which are a marriage or a multi-line structure above or below   

Analysis: multiple marriages

People with this palm, whether he is married or not, always love with the opposite sex, divorce many times.

Seventh, there are two distinct and almost equal length of marriage lines

Analysis: Offsite love

The length of two marriage lines is equal, whick means offsite love. But need to note the interval between the two lines. If the distance is far, about 5 ~ 4 mm, means that the marriage is harmony, but there will be a period of time, due to work or going abroad, and make couples get together less. But when the two sides meet, they will feel more sweet. If the two lines are very close, only 1 ~ 2 mm, means a love triangle or an affair. If the line is thick deep, shallow thin line, means premarital love triangle. On the contrary, they will have an affair. Best not too early to get married, if too early to get married, because the mind is not mature, it is likely to get married again.

Eighth, several of the marriage lines, and several pieces of thin vertical lines, which are from bottom to top and cut through marriage lines, become a 'mesh' structure

Analysis: singles, the wedding is still far

This palm says that you are single now, marriage is required for a period of time, even if you have a lover, and can not get married at once. Maybe you don't know what role the lover plays in your life. How long will you get married? To use the method of time line, in order to know the time. Such as the feelings of the line or marriage lines formed light red, said the upcoming wedding.

Ninth, only one marriage line, and it cuts through down the sun line.

Analysis: Watch out for marriage crisis

Marriage lines are down, it probably is not good, it will inevitably separated lovers. People with this palmistry, not only does not have a good marriage, but will lose possessions, status and prestige.

Tenth, only one marriage line, and the marriage line is up with the sun line contact

Analysis: be lucky because of the marriage

Marriage line is upward, which indicates a positive trend. And the sun line represents the degree of career success. Two lines intersect indicates the beginning of a good marriage.