Palmistry Encyclopedia - marriage line


Marriage is a commitment made by two people who are in love and look forward to staying together. But this promise is like a gamble. Sometimes it needs luck. If you win the bet, your husband and son will be filial, and your life will be like a duck to water. If you lose the bet, you will be hurt physically and mentally, and the mandarin ducks will lose their harmony and fly separately. In fact, the mystery of marriage can be solved by palmistry. Here are 10 kinds of marriage lines for your reference.

There is a deep and clear marriage line, and the front end is not bent down.

Analysis: have a happy marriage

The relationship between husband and wife is a great grace given by God to mankind, but happiness is different. If the marriage line has one left hand and one right hand, and it is clear and clear that it extends horizontally, it means that you can get a happy marriage life. This kind of person can only have one spouse in his life, and his marriage life can generally maintain happiness. Loyalty to each other, although it is inevitable to quarrel with each other, but the long-standing marriage is generally so. Love must become a habit. Maybe true love will gradually appear after years of washing.

There are two marriage lines, long at the top and short at the bottom

Analysis: love successful marriage

In ordinary people's concept, love and marriage are often confused. However, in fact, marriage is more complex than love, because only love can not necessarily be married. Since ancient times, we have been in love, but we can't stay together. It's needless to say that the love tragedy caused by it. Besides, love doesn't mean commitment. Therefore, it is a blessing to fall in love and get married. The longer the marriage line, the smoother the marriage. You can get to know the opposite sex without being introduced by others. The following short line indicates the choice of love and does not like the interference of elders. Therefore, people with such palms usually get married by free love.

There are several marriage lines on palms, with different shades

Analysis: enviable marriage

Since ancient times, heroes have accompanied beauties, shed blood on the battlefield and recovered gold. I believe that many men and women who have just opened their love sinus have had this gentle dream. However, it's impossible to meet a man with talent and a woman with a mandarin duck? The person with this palm has rich feelings and can have the admiration of everyone at the same time. But many are confused. Jian Zeming, as mentioned above, has a clear and relatively long line to ensure that this person will not lose himself in front of his feelings and find a beautiful woman. Of course, no matter how enviable a marriage is, it also needs long-term operation.

There are multiple marriage lines

Analysis: lovers outside marriage

From one night stand to looking for a lover, what else can wash away the reputation of infidelity in this era. Everyone knows that 99% of the end of this relationship ends without illness, but it is that 1% that stimulates countless men and women to pursue desperately. Marriage is like for others, and the word lover is more like for yourself. Marriage is because you believe in love too much or don't believe in love, but no one can deny that you had a wonderful vision for a happy marriage. Whether it's action or heart, the original intention of love is not to hurt anyone. Remember to be cautious.

Marriage line from shallow to deep

Analysis: getting married

The long marriage line indicates deep love, and the short marriage line indicates indifference. Therefore, the marriage line from deep to shallow means that the feelings are first strong and then light. If it is from shallow to deep, it means that it is implicit at the beginning of love, such as the beginning of love, and then it is as warm as fire and getting better. As far as marriage is concerned: it is often not as good as people think. It is the beginning of a flat love life between two people. Keep an ordinary heart, don't ask for publicity, don't ask for eternity. As long as someone gives an umbrella when it rains and someone cares when it gets sick, this simple marriage often proves that the fruit of love is ripe.

There are four or five marriage lines, and the longest marriage line is in the middle. There is one or more multiple marriage lines above and below it

Analysis: multiple marriages looking for love

Some people say that the flowers of love constantly fall from the sky. If people looking for love receive love flowers in the same second, they will begin to fall in love madly. No one can obstruct them regardless of age, gender, time and space. But everyone's love flowers vary in time, and the varieties must be unequal, so a good marriage may not last long. This is true for people with such palms. No matter whether they are married or not, they always have a lot of contacts with the opposite sex, that is, the so-called fraternity. Men with this appearance are very kind to women, but they are easy to be changed by marriage. Some people say that one marriage line will get married once and two will get married twice. This is just a legend. In fact, marriage depends on two people. The so-called commitment is easy to stay together.

There are two obvious and almost equal marriage lines

Analysis: hand print of remote love

Two marriage lines of equal length may represent a long-distance relationship, the so-called & ldquo; Thousands of miles of marriage & rdquo;, It is also a romance that can't be missed in life. However, pay attention to the distance between the two lines. If the distance is far, it is about 4 ~ 5mm, which means that the marriage is harmonious, but there will be a period of time when couples get together less and leave more because of work or going abroad. However, when the two sides meet again, the feelings become sweeter. If the two lines are very close, with an interval of only 1 ~ 2mm, it indicates triangular love or extramarital affairs. If the upper line is thick and deep and the lower line is thin and shallow, it means that there is a triangular love before marriage; On the contrary, there will be extramarital affairs after marriage. People with such palms had better not get married too early, because if they settle down too early and their minds are immature, they are likely to remarry.

There are several marriage lines, and several thin longitudinal lines cut through the marriage line from bottom to top, becoming a kind of & ldquo; Reticular & rdquo; Marriage line structure

Analysis: single people with a long marriage

Maybe it's lovelorn and don't want to love again, maybe there are too many choices, but I don't know how to choose. In a word, you have been blooming alone. You don't know where the best is, but you just expect, so your love moves so much. This palm indicates that you are living a single life now, and it will take some time for marriage. Even if you have a crush on someone, you can't get married right away. Maybe you don't know what role each other plays in your life and when they will get married? Only by using the fleeting time method of the destiny line can we know its time. If the love line or marriage line is light red, it indicates that the wedding date is coming.


Analysis: beware of marriage crisis

If you say & ldquo; Love Insurance & rdquo; If it is difficult to protect love, then it is even more difficult to bind the lover's heart with a paper engagement. True love is not perfect. When love is strong, true people cherish each other forever; If love is light, it will explode at the touch of a trigger, leaving only residual music and sentimental injury. The marriage line is sagging, mostly with tragic meaning, which will inevitably separate. Having this palm means that there will be no good marriage, but an unlucky sign that will lose property, status and reputation due to improper handling of marriage. However, never doubt the power of love, add warmth to yourself and home all the time, and happiness will not go far.

There is only one marriage line, and the marriage line is upward in contact with the sun line

Analysis: good luck because of marriage

The upward marriage line indicates a positive trend, while the sun line represents the success of a lifetime career. The intersection of the two lines indicates the beginning of a good marriage. Marriage can sometimes change a person's fate, making Cinderella put on crystal shoes and become snow white. Although fairy tales are too aesthetical, it is not only helpful for families and beauty but also for career development and opening up a new world for their life. Marriage is a school with only two people, from which both people will learn different things.