Good Marriage Mole


Everyone has more or less moles. Through the parts of these moles, we can show a person's character, love, health, career, wealth, family and so on. Understand & ldquo; Nevus phase & rdquo;, In addition to being more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and grasping them, you can learn more from & ldquo; Nevus phase & rdquo; Promote interpersonal communication, familiarity and harmony!

“ Nevus & rdquo; There are living moles and dead moles. In terms of living moles, that is, black (dark brown) shiny moles, the rest are ignored!

Canthus (tail)

  • Men with moles on the fishtail of the left lower eyelid have a masculine personality before marriage, and it is easy to argue for small things when getting along with their other half; After marriage, if you can correct your character and coordinate it, you will get better and better day by day. Happiness is expected!
  • If a woman has a mole in the right corner of her eye, especially on the upper fishtail line, she is definitely a flirting expert. She knows how to grasp the male psychology and has good luck. However, she should pay attention to whether it is a peach blossom with a bright future and a happy marriage.
  • Whether men or women, some or so, as long as there is a mole between the end of the eye and prosperity, it means that you are uncertain, idle, and change your mind. You are easy to fall into a melancholy mood and even disturb each other's mood!


  • Male earlobes with moles belong to the type of liking the new and hating the old. Usually, their communication with the opposite sex is vulnerable to fluctuations in the external environment, and their persistence is not enough and is not easy to last. At the beginning, the communication was as fierce as fire, and it was hard to part, but it didn't take long.
  • There is a live mole behind the male ear, which is a good family friendly mole. This kind of man is a good man. From young to middle age, he can handle it properly in all aspects of love, family, interpersonal, career and financial luck. He also has lucky good luck and opportunities.
  • A mole on the inner side of a female's auricle represents a traditional concept of valuing friendship and love. Although he is not good at social intercourse, he is definitely a good helper in keeping the family, and his marriage is happy for a long time!


  • Men with moles on both sides of the nose represent a good popularity in the workplace. Women will take the initiative to help. Peach blossoms close to the water will emerge continuously and can blossom and bear fruit.
  • Women with moles on the left side of the nasal wing are slightly less popular and are easy to become a thorn in the eye of others for no reason. Therefore, they should be more self-confident, integrate into the crowd, stand in each other's attitude, and naturally see the sun through the clouds.
  • If a woman has a mole on her cheekbones, she has a strong personality, and often sticks to her views on people, things and things with her boyfriend (husband) or family. In particular, in the face of people's decisions on love, marriage and life that are not valued by others, they aftertaste opposition and opposition, and insist on their own way, resulting in poor popularity.

corners of the mouth

  • Large and shiny moles are found anywhere from the two sides of the nasal wing to the corner of the mouth, which is called & ldquo; Blessing nevus & rdquo;, Both men and women have good luck, travel frequently and taste delicious food all over the world, which also plays a plus role in love.
  • Women with moles in quarrels often ask about their boyfriend's whereabouts again and again. They also like to gossip with their sisters and talk about other people's privacy. This is bad for your feelings. You should learn to open one eye and close the other, but don't rule all your eyes!
  • Women with moles on the upper lip have a lively personality and an attitude towards love. They dare to love and hate. They will take the initiative to show love when they meet the object they like, and their action force is amazing. They want to control power for love and make sacrifices for love. Moths fly to the fire.


  • Men have moles on the outside of their upper arms. They are usually full of social intercourse. They have appropriate interpersonal relationships and have a harmonious personality. They also know how to love their girlfriend (wife). They are very good at booing and asking for warmth, which makes the other party moved.
  • A woman with a mole on the inner side of her upper arm is sweet, cheerful and aftertaste for the sake of each other. Even if she quarrels with her other half, it is three minutes. She can adjust herself, know how to be patient and think for the future
  • As far as men and women are concerned, the elbow minister has a living mole with good luster. He may marry late and the object is old. No matter how men and women are familiar with or communicate before marriage, the way of marriage is often affected by family factors and can not get married quickly.