Marriage line


Marriage line is the place to observe the marriage object or the marriage life. "Marriage" does not refer only to formal wedding, but all relations between men and women.

  • If the marriage line is clear and extending horizontally, which means you could find the ideal lover and live a happy and harmonious marriage. In particular, both hands have such characteristics, which implies you would be the most fortunate.
  • If the marriage line appears on Mercury Mound,  which means you would meet bad marriage luck, not only difficult to find the ideal partner, but also the love relationship would not be stable, also you would become lonely in the later years.
  • If you have two marriage lines, which means you would get warm love, but would encounter separation or divorce inevitably after marriage, or even cause remarriage.
  • If two marriage lines are extremely close, and the length is different, which means you might encounter a triangle love relationship. If the above line is longer, which means you might have premarital sex. Conversely, if the above line is shorter, which means you might have heterosexual relationship after marriage.
  • If you have three marriage lines, which means your love would be complex, the concept of virginity would be very weak, and easily become flair and passionate. But if you could be smart, then you might avoid disputes.
  • If you have many marriage lines (more than four), which means you might enjoy the fun of the flesh more than the spirit, so it would be difficult to live a dysfunctional family life.
  • If the end of the marriage line is extending upwards, which means it is not easy to get married. If you are a woman, even if you are married, you might divoice inevitably.
  • If the end of the marriage line is close to the bottom of the ring finger, which means good marriage luck. It is very likely to get married if you are a female.
  • If the end of the marriage line is declining, which means bad marriage luck and marriage life.
  • If the end of the marriage line is declining in the center of the palm, which means the cold love relationship would damage marriage life, or live a dull marriage life.
  • If the marriage line is rising in the bottom of the middle finger, which means that love issues, and the pessimistic and leary psychological would produce marriage problems.
  • If the end of the marriage is ascending, and coming into contact with the success-line, which means you might get married with creditable, posted and rich successful people, also you would raise your own identity through marriage.
  • If there is gap in the marriage line, which means happy marriage, but you might encounter problems due to love relationship.
  • If there is rising diagonal in the marriage line, which means you would be loyal in love and you could coordinate with each other, and you could live a happy and rich marriage life.
  • If another marriage line appears from the middle of the marriage line, which means that your marriage would be interrupted. But finally you would reunite.