Palmistry - marriage line


Marriage lines appear above the mound of Mercury which are on the bottom of the little finger. They are the part that are used to observe whether you are happy after marriage, have a good lover or not.

  • Marriage lines were clear and extend horizontally. This means that you could meet the a ideal lover, have a happy and harmonious marriage. Especially this appear on both hands of those people who would be very lucky.
  • Marriage lines vaguely appeared above the mound of Mercury. This means that you would have a bad luck about marriage. Not only it is difficult for you to find a ideal lover, but also the love relationship is very confused. It implies that you would have a lonely old age.
  • People who have two marriage lines, would have a delayed love. You may be separated even you married, or married again.
  • Two marriage lines are close, and their length are not the same. This means that you would caught in a love triangle. If the above line is longer than the other, means that you would make love with others before marriage. On the contrary if the above line is short, indicates that you would make love with others after marriage.
  • You have three lines of marriage means that your love is complex, your concept of virginity is weak, and you flow in the flair and passionate easily. However you would avoid disputes if your bright line is good.
  • You have more than four Marriage lines means that you enjoy the pleasure of the flesh than spirit. Because you are a poor womanizer, so it is difficult for you to have a healthy family life.
  • The front of marriage line extends up, indicates that there is a tendency for you to be a single, and it is defficult for you to be married. Women, even if married they would be separated, and be alone to develop their own way.
  • The front of marriage line is close to the bottom ring, means that you will have a very good marriage. If you are a girl, you will marry a very good man.
  • The front of marriage line goes down, and comes into contact with the emotion line, indicates that the people who you will marry may change to another one. Or unfortunately your marriage would be very bad.
  • The front of marriage line goes down to the palm center, indacates that your marriage would be broken down because of the love coldness. Or unfortunately your marriage would be very bad.
  • The marriage lines go up from the bottom of middle finger, means that you would have some trouble about your marriage. Because you often hold some psychological pessimism and mistrust.
  • The front of the marriage lines goes up and contact with success line, indicates that you  would marry a person who is prestigious, respectable and rich. You would raise your own identity after marriage.
  • Marriage lines with rising slash indicates that you have a stable marriage becarse you are specific for love, both of you coordinate with each other, and you are rich enouch.
  • One line rises from the middle of another marriage line indicates that your marriage would suspend, but would reunion some time later.
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