Dream of flood

Dream of flood, want money.

Dream of suffering losses and misfortune in case of flood.

Dream of a rare flood, will be counterattacked by the enemy.

Dream of a flood at home, indicating that money will go into the wallet, and it is the moral of surplus every year.

Dreaming of being rescued when he is about to be drowned means that the dreamer will reduce the disaster to varying degrees with the help of others.

Dream of a flood at your friend's house, which indicates that your friends or relatives will encounter difficulties and need your help.

Different people dream of flood

Married women dream of floods and have to endure the torture of uterine diseases.

Old men dream of floods and will die peacefully.

The unmarried girl dreamed of a flood and her parents would agree that she would marry her sweetheart.

Entrepreneurs dream of flood, which indicates that there will be a bad time recently, especially in terms of economy. Remind you to be careful about property safety.

Businessmen dream of floods, which indicates that the recent wealth will come and go quickly. They should act carefully, don't easily believe other people's rhetoric, and invest calmly in order to avoid property losses.

Job seekers dream of flood, which indicates that the job they originally felt secure recently may encounter emergencies and can't get the job smoothly. Don't lose heart, give up, continue to work hard and prove yourself with strength.

The old man dreamed of a flood, which indicates that his health has declined in the near future. He is likely to suffer from acute diseases or sudden disasters. He should not only pay attention to food hygiene, but also avoid vehicles when going out to ensure safety.

Employees dream of flood, which indicates that they will encounter Waterloo in the workplace in the near future, and the work projects that have been progressing smoothly will encounter emergencies and fail. Be careful that colleagues around you will be framed due to jealousy, and be cautious in words and deeds.

Pregnant women dream of flood, will be affected by gynecological diseases, need to pay attention to food hygiene, do not involve the fetus in the abdomen.

In love, men and women dream of flood, which indicates that your relationship will be severely tested. Perhaps it is the intervention of a third party or the strong opposition of the family. We should strengthen our feelings for each other and work together to tide over the difficulties, so as to harvest a happy life.