Dream of flood and flood

Floods often symbolize death and are destructive; It also breeds new life and indicates the restart of life. It is often regarded as a symbol of a new life and a new beginning. Dream of flood, such as flood, flood disaster, is a symbol of disaster. Most people dream of flood, which may indicate illness or unhappiness in marriage. Pay attention to your health.

  • Dream of your home being washed away by the flood, which indicates that there may be a quarrel between your family. The cause may be between your parents. At this time, you should restrain your temper, never be capricious, and help communicate the feelings of your family.
  • Dreaming of a flood inundating the house means that your subconscious is overwhelmed by school, work, family or some relationship.
  • If you dream that the flood is flooding, houses are destroyed, people are panic stricken, and you are very calm and may control the situation, such a dream means that you are eager to take responsibility in your heart, or feel that your leadership has not been recognized as it should be.
  • If businessmen see the flood, it indicates that they will be washed away by the flood and may lose business.
  • Ordinary people dream of flood, which indicates unhappiness in marriage or disease in body.
  • Dreaming of going to see the flood from a far place means that you are thinking about how to solve the problem, and you already have a clue.
  • Dreaming of falling in the flood means emotional confusion.
  • Married women dream of floods and have to endure the torture of uterine diseases.
  • Old men dream of floods and will die peacefully.
  • The unmarried girl dreamed of a flood and her parents would agree that she would marry her sweetheart.
  • Dream of rising water, he was flooded, there may be disaster.
  • Dream of being rescued when you are about to drown, you will reduce the disaster to varying degrees with the help of others.

Psychological interpretation of dreams and interpretation of dream floods

Floods are frightening, so dream floods often symbolize the release of positive forces. It generally represents repressed feelings or unconscious feelings. If you want to make progress, you must eliminate these contents. If you dream that you are in a flood, you feel overwhelmed by these emotions. If you dream that you are observing the flooding error, it symbolizes meditation. Dreams about floods often also symbolize depression.

If you find it difficult to express yourself in words, the dream of flood creates an appropriate way for you to deal with fear and worry.