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Dreaming of the flood

The flood often symbolizes death and destruction, also the birth of new life, a new beginning of life. It is often regarded as a symbol of new life, new beginning. Dreaming of the flood disaster indicate that the disaster will come.  Dreaming of the flood indicate disease or unhappy marriage, the dreamer had better pay attention to health. 

  • Dreaming of your house being washed away by the flood indicate that your family members will quarrel with each other because of your parents, you'd better control your own temperament, do not be self willed and help communicate the feelings of the family.
  • Dreaming of the flood pouring down the house indicate that you have overwhelming feeling by school, work, family or some relationship in your subconscious mind.
  • Dreaming of the flood washing away the houses and making people panic-stricken, and you are very cool and you can control the situation in the dream. This kind of dream indicates that you are eager to take responsibility, or you feel that your leadership is not recognized.
  • A businessman dreams of the flood indicates that the dreamer will suffer loss in business.
  • An ordinary person dreams of the flood indicates that the dreamer will feel unsatisfied in marriage or get sick. 
  • Dreaming of going to watch the flood from faraway indicate that you are thinking of ways to resolve difficulties and you've already found the clue.
  • Dreaming of falling into the flood indicate that you will have troubles in love.
  • A married woman dreams of the flood indicates that she will have to bear the suffering the torture of uterine disease.
  • An old man dreams of the flood indicates that he will leave the world quietly.
  • An unmarried young girl dreams of the flood indicates that her parents will agree with her request to marry her sweetheart. 
  • Dreaming of being flooded indicate that disaster will come.
  • Dreaming of being flooded to death and rescued indicate that the others will help you to reduce the disaster to different degrees.

The interpretations of dream of flood by psychology dream 

The flood often makes people scared, so dream of the flood often symbolize the release of active forces. It generally represents the depressed feelings or unaware feelings, if you want to strive for progress, you must clear all these elements. Dreaming of being in the flood indicate that you are moved by these feelings. Dreaming of observing the flood indicate that you are thinking of something. Dreaming of the flood often indicate depression.

If you feel it is very difficult to express yourself with words, then the dream of the flood can create a suitable way for you to deal with your fear and worry.