Moles on which parts of your face could make you lucky


In facial appearance, it is mainly reflected in the changes in meat, lines and moles, because there is no great change in bone appearance after adulthood, and the appearance is a great change in the state of fortune. The complete change of real destiny is not only the simple transportation or transportation. The so-called change refers to the complete change of bad transportation or bad transportation.

Most friends, including many people who study numerology, believe that life is completely doomed and can not be changed. In fact, through my research, many people in history have broken through the so-called imprisonment of fate and completely changed their destiny. However, as far as I know, it is not magic or special skills that change their destiny, but can only be caused by three situations.

The first is intensive and progressive practice. There have been countless such people for at least ten years. They are not controlled by fate. The second is that when the weather changes, the so-called situation in the world makes heroes. In troubled times, many people's destiny will be reversed. There are large-scale natural disasters in the world, and people's destiny will also be changed, People's life is incomparable with the life of heaven and the world. Third, they have experienced the experience of life and death. Many people have had a short death experience because of accidents, which has stimulated their internal potential. Some of them have also realized a lot, thus changing their destiny.

In these three cases of changing fate, what is changed through intensive cultivation and accumulation of blessings is often reflected in the changes of meat shape and body shape, while the changes of time are often not felt by themselves. This transport is shown on the nevus.

In a person's life, the birth of new moles does not specify at which age, but if the moles born in the following two areas after 30 represent the improvement or change of fortune.

First, on the straight line from Yintang to people, if red nevus and black nevus are born, there will be an obvious turn for the better in wealth. If gray nevus is born, it will show the ruin of sudden change, especially the nevus around the middle pole of people, which is the focus of changing fate.

Second, the moles in the area from the lower lip to the chin. If new red moles and black moles grow, the fate will be improved, and the degree of development and well-being will be improved. If it is a gray nevus, it is more painful and unexpected.

The mystery of fate is not a constant stagnant water. If it can't be changed at all, what is it to pursue good fortune and avoid evil? If everything can be changed, life will not be meaningful. What we study is to understand ourselves. If we understand destiny, we won't be confused. If we don't confuse, we won't make more mistakes.