How to see wealth and poverty from people's ankles

The joints of the human body have functions. Although there is a unified phase method for the bone joints, there are actually fine punishments, high and low are also very accurate. Sometimes inadvertent observation will yield good results.

1、 The ankles are dark and dark. Most of them are people with status, but those whose ankles are too thick are people under their hands. Those who do rough work, with round inner ankles and thick heels, are rich.

2、 The ankle and foot color are light, blood red, the wealth is not low, and the middle wealth is above.

3、 Men have thick feet and much meat, neat toes, deep red toes and rich. Women should be thin and slender without meat and bone.

4、 If a man's feet are flat, his career is blocked; Yellow and cyan nails are poor people.

5、 If the ankle is thick and the calf is round and long, he must be a powerful man. If the calf is short and thin and the ankle is large, it will be difficult to act.

6、 There are many lines on the ankle and knee, both of which are rich