What's the meaning of a mole on your mouth

From the perspective of philology, most moles on people have a certain meaning, which will more or less affect people's luck. As for good or bad, it depends on the good or bad luck of moles and their location. Generally speaking, moles are born in the hidden part of the human body (such as the invisible part of the body) and are more fierce in the visible part (such as the visible part of the face, hands and so on). And the nevus is also divided into auspicious nevus and evil nevus. The color is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and the one with no hair on it is auspicious nevus; The color is grayish brown, dull, flat but not convex. If there is no hair on it, it is an evil mole.

In physiognomy, lips represent credit, sincerity, flesh desire, enjoyment and dependence, and physically represent spleen; So, what does a mole on your lips mean? Let's have a look.

1. Moles on lips

There are moles on the lips to provoke right and wrong. If the moles grow on the lips, they will either have right and wrong, or recruit villains, and they will also mess with peach blossoms. At the same time, it is also a sign of lust. Most of them pay attention to sexual desire and material desire. They are basically typical of men and women who eat and drink. They have rich feelings, are easy to provoke peach blossoms, and are easy to fall into polygonal love. Moreover, people with moles on their lips have good luck, natural love to eat, and delicious food to eat. However, if there are small spots and small moles on the lips suddenly, it indicates that there are problems in his intestines and stomach; Or this person will worry about their children. In addition, a mole on the mouth also means that it is easy to commit water insurance and should not swim.

Mole on upper lip

People with moles on their upper lips are sentimental and considerate of others. They have good luck with friends and are very dependent on material life. They like to eat delicious food and have good luck. Disadvantages are special hobbies and desires, such as infatuation with a certain kind of people or objects; He is frank and outspoken, and speaks too directly, which is easy to offend people; If you avoid water, you will encounter a water disaster more or less in your life; A woman's marriage is not smooth, and her feelings with her husband are prone to twists and turns. In addition, if there is a mole in the center of the upper lip, it means that it is easy to provoke right and wrong, and it is also easy to cause trouble in love, which needs special attention.

Mole on lower lip

Generally speaking, people with moles on their lower lips are very family friendly and can cook well. Of course, the dishes they cook will be delicious. They are also very particular about eating. They are destined to eat in their life. The disadvantage is that I am not confident in my ability; Easy to leak money, can not save money; A man's wife is in poor health and easy to get sick. In addition, people with moles on the lower lip, both men and women, are hard-working, and the heterosexual edge is very good. They are easy to fall into polygonal love, and their life is more colorful.

2. There are moles at the corners of the mouth

A mole on the corner of his mouth gathers money, which also shows that he has good fortune and has no worries about food and clothing all his life. If a mole is born at or above the corner of the mouth, it is a typical mouth blessing mole. Most people with this mole are not tired of eating fine food and fine food. They are more particular about eating. People with mouth blessing may become gourmets. If a mole is born under the corner of the mouth, his personality is gentle and amiable, but sometimes he will suffer losses because of his soft heart. Although he is kind to others everywhere, he is often misunderstood and even spoken ill of behind his back. A woman has a mole at the corner of her mouth, which is easy to provoke villains and damage her career and wealth.

3. Nevus above lips

Above the lips, people with auspicious moles on both sides have no worries about food and clothing. They often have dividends and part-time income. They don't worry about not having good food to eat. They are enviable for their life with delicious food.

4. There are moles in people

If the mole grows in the middle of the person above the mouth, it is not auspicious, and its ability to adapt to the environment is poor. Moreover, people represent their children and birth gate in Xiangxue, and most people have moles & ldquo; Hurt Ding and Ke Zi & rdquo; It is difficult to have children or children with many diseases and accidents. Especially for women, if they have moles in this position, they are usually prone to gynecological diseases, difficult to conceive or difficult to give birth.