The appearance palace of the twelve constellations (the twelfth house)

The physiognomy palace is the palace of mind, the last house in the horoscope (that is, the twelfth house), which represents people's potential or weakness; It also represents sadness, pain, restriction, secret, seclusion, frustration, and behind the scenes work; It also represents prohibition, exile, hiding the enemy, crisis and self destruction; It also shows the background, subjective beliefs, internal ideology, subconsciousness and spiritual gains; It also represents compassion, charitable service and public welfare. In these areas, people try to cover up painful or difficult things. The following is the information that the planets show when they fall into the house of appearance.


People who have the sun in the house of appearance are a little self-confident and shy in some aspects. They often need to be alone, but you can adjust the strong subconscious part of your nature. If you have leadership, you must be the leader behind the scenes. You will be particularly interested in studying the psychology of others. You will find ways to express yourself here by working in large institutions such as hospitals, hospices or mental and physical rehabilitation centers. Serving others gives you a sense of identity and fulfillment. At the same time, it is also a house suitable for being an actor, because an actor can hide his true feelings by playing a certain role.

If the sun is out of phase, there may be a tendency to be spiritual, too shy and like to secretly control others. Because of your unconscious self-centered desire to pursue power and status, you may encounter powerful enemies hidden in the dark, and you may become your biggest enemy. You must learn to serve others rather than sink yourself into self pity.


You are restless, shy, sensitive, too shy, and don't like the strange environment when the moon falls into the appearance palace. You need time alone to recharge your emotional batteries. You like to work in seclusion or isolation, like living in a fantasy world. You are a self sacrificing character. If you can control yourself and take care of patients with a more rational attitude, you can become a good nurse. You have active subconscious activities, but be aware that you may hate the contempt of others in your imagination.

When the moon is out of phase, you may have a tendency to be sensitive and withdrawn. In serious cases, you may have to go to the shelter for treatment due to psychological diseases. Hypnosis is quite dangerous for you. If the moon controls the fifth, seventh or eighth house, or has a strong relationship with Venus or the ruling planet in the fifth house, you may have a mysterious relationship.


Mercury falls into the house of appearance, which represents a person's thinking and is easily influenced by past experience and habits. You are good at analyzing other people's problems, interested in the spiritual field, and your thinking mode is quite secret. Your choice is usually based on sensibility rather than logical reasoning, because many preconceived impressions will emerge unintentionally and affect your thinking.

People with mercury in this position will hide their inner thoughts, and usually you are ashamed to say what you think. If your Mercury is close to your house of destiny, it will show the emotional face of your first house. In this way, you will be very good at expressing and less introverted. If mercury is in good phase, especially with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you will be a very thoughtful and self assertive person. In addition, mercury in this house represents a very active imagination. If Mercury's phase is not good, it may have a tendency of spirit quality, psychological disorder, nostalgia for the good experience in the past, and it is difficult to interact with the outside world, so that it is very difficult to adapt to the society. Your early education may not be very smooth, resulting in difficulties in absorbing knowledge in the future, but continuous efforts can overcome the early obstacles. May leave home to be raised in an orphanage, boarding school or nursery.


Venus' falling into the appearance house means that you like peace and solitude. Your social activities are usually very secret, and even love has a tendency to be secret. Social shyness may cause loneliness or love frustration. You are kind to people and are often deeply touched. Every day, you need to set aside a period of time to recharge and reserve energy. There is a certain harmony between your soul, emotion and art, so it may bring profound artistic inspiration. You are fascinated by mysterious things and like to explore the profound meaning of life and love. Many behaviors actually come from unconsciousness and have no specific purpose. When you encounter difficulties, you are calm and a bit resigned. You have a kind and compassionate attitude towards people in trouble. Your emotions are very sensitive and vulnerable. This is because Venus is promoted in Pisces. If the aspect is restricted, you may fall in love with a person who has been tied down, or encounter setbacks in love or even divorce.


Mars falls into the house of appearance, which represents the hidden mind. Your work and other activities are carried out in private. In addition, you have a tendency to act in secret, because you want to avoid public opposition from others. This is a bad house for Mars because your energy is limited. You are very good at hiding your desires and goals, and there will also be one night stands or private relationships. Usually you work in a large organization, so it is easier to disguise or eliminate your personal identity. You fight and serve for those who are treated unfairly. You are fit to be an administrative officer in a hospital or prison.

If Mars is not in this house, you may have a plot. You will secretly hate others and cause some enemies you don't know. You may be suppressing your strong emotional reactions from time to time. When Mars is not well matched, there is a risk of being confined to prisons, hospitals and psychological institutions. Sometimes they will be jailed because of their professional relationship. This is because Mars is promoted in Capricorn. You should be more honest and open to your unconscious anger.


Those who fall into the house of appearance have great interest in spiritual exploration and have deep sympathy for those in need. This Jupiter position gives you great protection, as if an angel were resting on your shoulder. You are kind and hospitable, but you like to pay secretly. When you encounter difficulties, you are very resourceful. With this trait, you can help people at any time. You will donate generously to charities, or help others get spiritual satisfaction. You also have the ability to turn an enemy into a friend. Because you sincerely associate with people, if you are not in a good phase, you may have a neurotic tendency, and you may in turn become the object of charity. This position is suitable for medical, performing arts, dance, poetry, academic research and social work. Success is expected in middle age.


People with Saturn in the house of appearance spend a lot of time alone or working behind the scenes. You have morbid sensitivities and tend to isolate yourself, or you often live with the desire to retreat. You like living alone. When you work alone, it will stimulate your creativity. However, most isolation will lead to loneliness and fear. Because you have responsibilities and accept more responsibilities, you have a tendency to hide problems in your heart, which may lead to an attitude against life and yourself. You must endure loneliness and guard against serious mental diseases. You must know that the enemies in your heart are imaginary, not real. If you serve others' charity work, you can drive away your demons. When there is an unfavorable aspect, it means that your father has disappeared from his life at an early age.


People with Uranus in the house of appearance want to break the tradition and taboo, and they need to liberate themselves from the requirements of society. Bewitched by mystery and romance, you may have many secret affairs. You are intelligent, mysterious and secretive, and work in unusual ways. With excessive intuition and insight, you are often the object of a friend's heart. When the aspect is bad, you may have quirks, become neurotic and fantastical. Unresolved conflicts in the subconscious may make your life difficult. Unless you can control yourself, you may be your own worst enemy, and you may be single all your life.


Neptune people who fall into the house of appearance pursue personal privacy and peace of mind. You are very sensitive to your subconscious and mind, and may even suffer from the feeling of being controlled. You have a talent for dancing and artistic temperament. As long as you face the reality and don't deceive yourself, you may be the source of wisdom and intuition. Although you are willing to help others, you are still suffering from a deep-rooted loneliness. This position is very suitable for doctors, nurses and work in large institutions, hospitals, or for the disabled.


People with Pluto in the house of appearance have deep insight and compassion, and can better improve the bad environment. You can feel other people's thoughts, but you don't want to share your thoughts with others, and you close the door to solve them secretly. Because your heart is closed and occupied by troubles, you have no way to accept others' suggestions, which makes you suffer from troubles. This position allows you to face the temptation directly. You must gently uncover your fears and frustrations, draw them out of your subconscious, and be patient to understand. You are suitable for working behind the scenes, and you also have a deep understanding of others.