Fengshui master sends you ten mascots to make more money


1. Fish Tank

“Moutain masters riches and honor, water masters wealth and money”, fish tank has very strong effect to flourish the property. But everything has two sides, water is also a double-edged sword, the inappropriate use not only cannot make good luck in wealth, but also will make loss of property and population. So when you place the fish tank, you must invite the good master to measure and confirm the best position.

2.  the God of Wealth

The Gods of wealth are divided into martial god of wealth ( Guan Gong) and civil God of wealth. If you respect the God of wealth properly,  your family or business would have good wealth fortune; but if you do unreasonably, the God of wealth will become the God of losing money and cause expensive damage; Especially for Guan Gong, if you repect him inappropriately, he not only cannot bring good wealth, but also would hurt you. The general rule is that the martial god of wealth should face the door, the civil God of wealth is to avoid facing the door.

3. Lucky boy

As his name implies he can transport lucky things, it will be more effective if the whole house are all for unmarried boys. The married friends should avoid of selection. It is best to place in the bathroom, for this is the most effective place, because the water masters wealth. You can also put it on the head of the bed. But women should not use. This instrument can only be placed for one year, for its mana will disappear after one year, you'd better remember.

4. Crystal

Crystal is divided into natural crystal and artificial crystal, natural crystal has better effect. If you have the conditions, you should use the natural crystal as much as possible. Crystal should be generally placed in the position of a killer disease to discharge and kill disease and change disease into money.

5. Shoe-shaped gold ingot

We use it to produce and flourish the wealth, usualy we use a pair of, and we have two kinds of usages: One: Place a pair of gold ingot on the largest window or window sill of the whole house , and put one on each corner, the purpose is to include outside property into the house, the greater window the more wealth. Two: Place it on the corner of beveled corner of the door into the house to hide wind and accumulate power, it is also money position. You can put a pair of shoe-shaped gold ingot to make money.

6. Stone lions

It is one kind of aupicious animals who can remove various evil spirit and strengthen government-owned power or homeowner's Yang power. In the past many large families placed a pair of stone lions at the door. If from the window you see the negative blanking conflcts, you can put a pair of stone lions to face the window so as to change evil spirit, also have the effect to produce power. If you make a living by your mouth, such as: lawyer and actor, you can place one pair in the office to vibration prestige, which is beneficial for contributing money.

7. Copper lions

The nature is to transform evil and block a disaster, it is usually placing the door. You can use cooper lions if the road opposites to the door, or you will see the lamp post when opening the door. Copper is a metal and can restrain the constraint of the wood. If there are people whose five elements is water, copper lion are the best, because metal promotes water and enhances the wealth.

8. Wenchang Pagoda

It is the most commonly used talisman and is beneficial for study, fame and career. The child can place the talisman on the head of the bed, the adult can place it on the table, scholars can put it in the bookcase. It is good for people to get sensitive mind and come out in front of the examination.

9. Brave troops

The auspicious animal has no scales on body, no hair on foot, its expression is very powerful, is a good fengshui furnishing. But it is only suitable for windfall or the marketing industry ( salesman ). You can just put their heads to the door or to the window, so as to produce favourable wealth in gray income, but the normal income fortune would not be very good, unless you add a pair of dragon bridges.

10. Copper Bottle gourd

We all know the gourd can discharge the disease, but few people know the Copper Bottle gourd can increase the affection between husband and wife. If the husband and wife have shallow fate, they can place a copper bottle gourd on the bed to increase the conjugal love of husband and wife. In addition, if there is a patient in the family, they can also place it, for it is advantageous to the health. If there are children and the elderly in your family, the copper bottle gourd should be selected. To some degree it also can discharge eviil and block a disaster with a wide range of uses.