Please note that the bed can not be placed at random

Door to the toilet

The door is facing the toilet door, which will cause the pain of bones and muscles, will lose money. The toilet is moisture, odor, bad smell produced by local. If the door is facing the door of the toilet, it's just all (especially in the reverse of the strong wind).

Door to bed

The door to the bed, people will have a direct blow to the human body in a sleep state. The cold blowing will cause disease. To consider the indoor air convection, the lower end of the door general will leave a slit. So even shut the door, just open the air conditioner or the windows open a crack, can make the outdoor air inlet.

Toilet door facing the bed

The room of the toilet door to the bed, the door to the bathroom door is more serious, in the head, head pain, unable to focus on, live for a long time will cause cancer or stroke; at the waist, appear back, heart weakness, edema and other symptoms, to live for a long time will have diabetes and heart disease on foot; will, pain, weakness, knee sciatic gout edema, live a long time will produce unexpected fracture.

Mirror to bed

Mirror on the bed, will make people in a trance, thought can not concentrate. In addition to the bedroom bedroom with a flat on both sides of the same plane can be put in the mirror, the other position can not be put. However, the wardrobe in the mirror, usually the door can not be seen, is a very good design, placed in any location can be.

There is a beam on the bed.

Beam is one of the main structure of the building, mainly composed of reinforced concrete, when the compass on the beam, the pointer will change direction immediately, which can confirm the beam will produce significant physical magnetic induction. It can be known that people sleep under the beam, the human brain, the heart will be directly affected by the negative effects, resulting in lack of sleep, headache and other phenomena, so as far as possible to avoid the bed.

The bed is under the stairs.

The bed at the foot of the stairs, sleeping in bed, sleep not good, often nightmares, life is very poor, it is difficult to have a good chance.

Head of the bed next to the wall with a toilet

Head of the toilet to sleep, will cause confusion, thoughts can not concentrate and headache, if live more than 10 years, and even in the brain long tumor.

Head of the bed did not lean to the real wall

Some people will create an atmosphere, and not inclined bed against the wall, or in order to dodge the head of hanging beam. Not on the bed wall or turn around will make people sleep, poor sleep, thinking rebellious, weird, poor communication with people.

Placed in front of the bed TV, audio, mobile phone

TV is put in the bedroom. That's not good. People lie on the loose bed for a long time, which can cause the human spine to bend. People often open their mobile phones while sleeping, and put them on the bed. Because the phone is still in standby state, and will send electromagnetic waves. The human body receives electromagnetic waves for a long time, which is bad for health.

The bed is under the air conditioner.

A bed in the air below the cold will continue to blow head, shoulder and neck, and people in the sleep state, the pores will be slightly open, cold air can easily enter the body, it will cause severe colds, head, shoulder and neck nerves, muscle rigidity.

Bedroom ceiling decoration is too fancy

The bedroom ceiling should be simple. Don't make the ceiling very strange, art, tricks, or mounted on the mirror, it will make people fall asleep not easily. People's health will be a problem for a long time. The lamp of odd shape is best not to hang in the top of the bed, this will make people feel uneasy. In the earthquake prone today, above the best bed is no lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp to use bedside lamp.