To find out what people you can not get along well with by Palmistry

Human character is various, and some people mild temper, always kind, where are very popular; also some people grumpy, angry for no reason on people, their exchanges are often the same as the fight; there Some people, the surface looks very gentle, but suddenly loses his temper, it will surprise people. Here we learn palmistry perspective begins to analyze and who's bad temper, it is difficult to get along.

First, broken plam

The so-called off the palm refers to wisdom and emotional lines intersect line from one end to the other end of the palm, in a straight line across the palm of your hand (as shown above), this is really off the palm. People who have broken palm, subjectivity, temper greater things very persistent. On the positive side, these people work very determined, perseverance, identified targets, will exhaust all kinds of hardships, do not give up halfway, so many achievements in their careers. On the other hand, even when they are wrong thing, will be wrong in the end, is unrepentant hard temper, hard to get along. Off the palm of a person, both men and women are not suitable for early marriage, early results from early, late marriage is more appropriate.


Second, the fire type hand

Fire type hand is characterized by long palms, fingers shorter length than the palm of your hand, palm soft and slender, slightly curved fingers, skin color white, blue veins obvious; palm-shaped tip under the wide, knuckle not disclosed, round and red long nails , thumb configuration symmetry. Hand with this type of person energetic, quick-witted, full of aesthetic genius. Its surface looks gentle Elegant man, but in fact just impatient dry, in case of unhappy things, impulsive angry and stubborn personality, look for things that will stick in the end, it is difficult to accept the views of others, they are all difficult to get along with a class of people.


Third, the wood type hand

Wood type is characterized by the hand palm flat and long, medium thickness, solid and with elasticity, skin color darker dorsal muscles and blood vessels swell, osteoarthritis is higher, the dorsal pattern is obvious, fingers and nails are long and thin and from the festival, finger tip between parties and between the thumb tough upright, not bent, palms and blue ribbon run out. Hand with this type of person, wisdom is high, studious thoughtful, calm analytical sense and independent thinking, patience particularly strong, withstand a heavy blow, not a little case of defeat they disheartened. But its not very broad minded person, regardless of section, temperament arrogant stubborn, argumentative, and some nervousness, difficult to get along with.


Fourth, thumb-thick and strong

Thumb is to show an important indicator of character. Thumb-thick and strong, who are autocratic power advocates. If your thumb from the side looks rough and swelling, on behalf of stubborn personality, the battle; especially on the lower position of the thumb is shorter and people will be more hot temper, impulsive, intelligence level is not high, get along well. Encounter such a person, or stay away for good.


Fifth, emotions clutter

Emotions of the majority of people born too messy hot temper, and his anxious personality, mood is not stable. Bad mood when they came up, it will not be able to restrain his behavior, excited, crazy, Victim, blaspheming, sometimes breaking things or yells with noise and other ways to vent his anger, emotional EQ low . Unless you have a very strong tolerance to its heart, or get along with such people is more difficult, will not help to follow him angry.


Sixth, three-wire palm homologous

That is, emotions, wisdom line, lifeline, three lines homologous out. Palmistry people have this characteristic personality impatient, impulsive, although it is a fast, aggressive action faction, whether it is homework, work or reports can always quickly completed and achieve perfection. However, such people can not encounter setbacks, as long as the process of doing things one encounters obstacles, will be anxious to get angry, the whole person into a crazy state, the people around them will suffer. Together with such person must have acquired a strong heart, it would be difficult to bear his hot temper.


Seventh, smart line, there are many glitches

There are many smart online glitches people are violent, and its people are born with a propensity to violence, as long as people will be a little dispute beatings. Along with such people, it is best not to annoy them, just like when you see a mad dog dodging away, rather than head-on collision, the last way is to keep a respectful distance.


Eighth, wisdom lifeline line starting from the inside and ends below the little finger

Palmistry people have this characteristic impulsive personality, emotional, when happy, when boring, when warm, when cold, fell faster than the open book, and sometimes also in high spirits before the moment, suddenly it fell into depression, unpredictable. Friends easy to get along with these people, sometimes because of little things, it caused them a lot of mood swings.


Ninth, wisdom line appears at the bottom of the index finger fork pattern

There are people who belong to this feature palmistry mule temper, stinking long, strong and stubborn personality, Dior unruly, arrogant, difficult to get along with, and therefore unhappy relationships, many friends in the crowd extraordinarily lonely.