What is the most thing of 12 constellations which can not be lost

There are many things in life that should be cherished, could not bear to lose, in the face of choice, people often are difficult trade-offs. And everybody afraid to lose, are also different, look at what is 12 constellations can not lose.

Aries is afraid to lose: Courage

Aries is optimistic, progressive constellations, they rely on an attachment courage to overcome difficulties, out of adversity; one but lost courage, courageous Aries becomes the slaughter of sheep.

Taurus is afraid to lose: money

Taurus is a money first, that the things that money can do everything a constellation, they often do not know the existence of some of the so-called do not know what to make money if suddenly lost a large sum of money, they will be the most painful thing.

Gemini is afraid to lose: Freedom

Gemini is like freedom, the most annoying thing was the tripping of any constellation, if someone 24 hours a day watching him, he first would cry and shout, downtown tired, non-depressed and died can not ......

Cancer is afraid to lose: Family

Cancer is a kind, compassionate constellations, although they will care for others, and they also have a psychological dependence, fear of loneliness a man, he needs most is the family warmth.

Leo is afraid to lose: self-esteem

Leo is an arrogant, did not eat the constellation loss, eyes on the head, he only allowed themselves to look down on others, and his self-esteem is not trampling on others absolutely forbidden.

Virgo is afraid to lose: the audience

Virgo is a like rambling, sending their advantage constellation sky to the ground, they want someone who can listen to them and sometimes funny, sometimes silly rhetoric.

Libra is afraid to lose: Friends

Libra is a fear of depressing, all the time do not want to stay by the constellations, he always has large group of friends, if one day my friends abandon him, he will be unable to express one's discomfort

Scorpio is afraid to lose: mind

Scorpio is a heart like ice in a sane while blazing like fire sign, rational control of all his actions, if he is sane shell off, exposing the fanatical side, would be unmanageable.

Sagittarius is afraid to lose: Popular

Sagittarius is a favorite constantly updated, fear immutable constellation, he is able to meet the ever-changing with the popular pursuit make him more popular stimulate the release of the whole body of light and heat.

Capricorn is afraid to lose: Trust

Capricorn is a sleek, in any circumstances and superiors good sign, if something is superior because they had lost the trust, will make his deep sorrow.

Aquarius is afraid to lose: inspiration

Aquarius is a reflection of the mind fast, flexible thinking sign, they think of a lot of things that are derived from the inspiration, if you lose the inspiration, the wise fool bottles only become the copies.

Pisces is afraid to lose: the dream

Pisces is a love fantasy, spiritual emptiness of the constellation, due to his long-term needs a spiritual pillar, so often there are some unrealistic dream, but a dream shattered, imagine how sensitive he sad.