Constellations that are easy to show amazing beauty can not be ignored in the crowd

Everyone has a love of beauty. The pursuit of beauty has existed since ancient times. People also have good hopes for good things. In the crowd, beauty is pursued and appreciated by everyone. Natural beauty is hard to give up. No matter where such a girl is, it is the focus of everyone's attention.

Everyone wants to be beautiful, but beautiful and handsome men are a minority after all. Nowadays, many people like to disguise themselves and dress up themselves through the outside. But what we want to say today is that the native configuration is a very beautiful astrolabe configuration. Beauty is not obtained through external decoration.

Today, let's say from the perspective of the astrolabe that these astrolabe configurations have amazing beauty.

The sun and gold are in Taurus, Leo and Libra

From the angle of phase, the distance between the sun and Venus will not be too far. Therefore, the probability of the conjunction of the sun and Venus is still relatively large. But generally speaking, people with a combination of Japanese and gold are often not particularly ugly in appearance. Especially when you are in Leo, Taurus and Libra, your beauty will be more outstanding.

Because for the sun, falling in Leo is entering the temple, and for Venus, falling in Taurus and Libra is entering the temple. Here, the energy of these two stars will be strengthened, so the probability of beauty will be greater. A girl with the sun and Venus in Leo will give people a feeling of majestic brilliance. For example, Zhang Yuqi in the entertainment circle is very beautiful and amazing.

People whose sun and Venus fall in Taurus at the same time have very correct beauty. They are recognized as great beauties both in shape and appearance. They are often a kind of beauty that is particularly in line with the public's aesthetics., It is especially easy to find a constellation configuration of popular lovers.

Girls with the sun and Venus in Libra are often elegant and noble. Libra itself is a constellation that pursues beauty. When the sun and Venus fall in Libra, they not only have elegant appearance, but also have amorous feelings. The elegant appearance is very charming and attractive.

Jinming positive phase

In addition to the amazing appearance, temperament is also a necessary bonus for beautiful women. For girls, if there is a positive effect of Jinming in the astrolabe, it is very effective for fatal attraction. The stars represent beauty, while Pluto represents profundity and taboo. When the phase occurs today and tomorrow, these two forces attract each other and will create a very charming beauty.

Especially when paired with sun lion or sun Taurus and Libra, you can have the positive position of Jinming. They are not only amazing in appearance, but also very temperament. Every move and every move are all kinds of customs, and such girls, no matter where they go, are difficult to be ignored.

Because their sense of existence is really high. Among the crowd, they are the most dazzling one. Both in appearance and temperament, they are fascinating. However, such people are often arrogant. Ordinary people, it is difficult to get into their eyes. It is not easy to conquer them.

However, people with Jin Ming phase are easy to encounter some unforgettable things emotionally, and even some dog blood stories will be staged. Such girls should also pay attention to their emotional problems. They should not sink themselves deeper and deeper and waste their natural beauty.