Like to challenge the authority of the constellation, do not want to be bound, work alone can often succeed!

In our life, the existence of authority means that we need to abide by it. But some people are born to break the rules and challenge authority. They never believed that rules were meant to be observed, nor that certain authorities should not be challenged. Therefore, such people have more personality in the group.

And often such people are not very popular with leaders, because they are always questioning, not unconditional compliance, let alone flattery like some people. It has to be said that such people are difficult to discipline. If they want to be convinced, they must have excellent ability, otherwise they will not give in.

Today, from the perspective of astrology, let's talk about these constellations that like to challenge authority. They are difficult to be bound and disciplined, so they often work alone or start their own business to achieve success.

Sun Aquarius rising lion

Among the twelve constellations, Aquarius may be the one who likes to challenge authority most. This constellation always doesn't play cards according to common sense. In their opinion, rules are not used to abide by, but to break. People with the sun in Aquarius often have a lot of earth shattering ideas.

There is no denying that they are different and independent. Therefore, such people are often out of place in the group. They don't approve of many ideas of leaders, and they will raise objections. Especially when you rise to Leo, this phenomenon will be more obvious.

People who rise to Leo have strong self-esteem and like to show themselves very much. In fact, with the maverick character of the sun level, it is difficult for them to be disciplined. For this kind of people, a more unique and free career is more suitable for them.

If they are forced to work within the system or in a place with many rules, it will restrict their creativity and make them unable to give full play to their due value. Therefore, such people often work alone and are more able to succeed. So others don't understand them, but many of their ideas are often forward-looking.

Sun and night negative phase sun earth negative phase

When the sun and Pluto are in negative phase in a person's chart, and the sun and Saturn are also in negative phase. Their self-awareness is not suppressed, but very strong. In our opinion, when a person's life is more serious, their personal consciousness will be lost.

But when the sun and Pluto have a negative aspect, this person is dismissive of authority and even wants to break it. Especially when some incompetent leaders give orders to them, their hearts are quite disgusted. When the sun and Saturn smell, they will have some obstacles on their way to success, but it also means that they do not fully trust authority and mature things.

They will raise objections, even if the other party is a leader, they will never be vague. Therefore, such people are often unpopular with the leaders in the group, because they can always embarrass the leaders, or have better ability than each other, and can't grovel. Therefore, such people are naturally suitable to be leaders and work alone.

And often this way of working is more suitable for them. Not only do they have a higher degree of freedom, but they can do things according to their own wishes without being controlled by others. After all, for them, if they are bound in mentality, it is not good for the development of their career.