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12 constellation men must know the fatal flaw

Aries men

Aries like young children, reveal the truth, to be frank, open, but also very self-centered and childish, cute is cute, but sometimes is a bit too did not play.

Very playful, energetic, girls can not keep up with his pace or forget it.

Limited enthusiasm, not love QQ very actively looking for someone to talk to, unless it is a friend of the relations, especially iron.

A bit hot temper, impulsive. But the basic part of the air come and go type, it is not difficult to coax, just do not like to take the initiative to pull down the face to coax people would rather tell you the Cold War.

But hot at the same time is a bit of gentle, it will protect people and considerate people to take care of people.

Aries is also a great macho. Fa, a bunch of ambiguous objects, basic part of the friends of the opposite sex around he likes or like him. Probably will not leave girlfriend, but definitely belong to the outside world can not refuse the temptation kind.

Animal in nature, very much like to see the beauty and undisguised, and then feel extremely good feel beautiful like themselves.

Good girl all comers to take the initiative, but only pick on feel looks ok.

Not generous enough, a bit stingy, materialistic, worships money.

Good at sweet talk, and is typical of the lower body thinking men.

Another point, sometimes a winner, the mighty looks very people wanted to hit him could not understand.

Taurus men

Opinionated are the salient features of theTaurus personality is also the main drawback. Usually gentle, once offended, will become daunting.

Narrow-minded, stingy, stingy Taurus male is not material, that loves to hold a grudge.

If someone is hurt he will keep in mind, even if it is unintentional. Powerful mouth, lack of action, smacks of a Utopian.

The ink, absolute ink, ink impress.

Taurus men are home, the most basic is the kind of dead in the family home, in addition to the computer game movie cuisine lacks pursuit of the kind.

Sometimes too weak by hurt feelings bored in my heart, it is easy to shake, do not mind Jiuqingfuran go back to eat grass.

They forget the old lover devil knows how hard it is, but like the old dead duck fooling.

Very inclusive, most of the time is nice, but have a principle, if need he has been inclusive, he would burst Oh.

Not romantic, unlike sister experts Aries, lack of passion, is a practical, the pursuit of stability-type.

It is color, but not the only kind SEX head, had enjoyed a colored heart did not.

Two extremes, a very strong moral values ​​are not messing around, there is a whole fucks do not care the feelings of others.


Gemini gives the first feeling that came and went without a trace, distracted, halted, restless, impatient.

Especially love to get smart, encountered not want to answer immediately change the subject, such as you find the topic with the time, the days are bright ......

Also very flirt type, but only ambiguous, will not be put into action, in fact rarely betray each other
emotions Very interesting good play the mouth super powerful very amusing, but it also created their smooth side.

When really in a relationship object cheating basic rarely occurs, and would have refused to tell him girls out.

Particularly vulnerable to soft-hearted, afraid of girls cry, but at the same time annoying girls cry, you cry more than he might, do not you.

Why, because I do not know how to comfort, comfort can not receive effective, hate the pressure and burden of love, is not very responsible.

Fickle! Was estimated to have already do not know how many people tortured to death.

Completely off the jump tone of life, If at first you and his exchange of not understanding, that you do not expect in contact for a long time in the future you can find out about his ideas, absolutely impossible.

Cancer men

At least on the surface, this is a full of warmth and love people who are obedient.

Cancer men is full of warmth and like an obedient, very good and quite patient, such as a bus give grandmother seat, the small animal shelter homeless ... but actually he is also very color Mensao go in the street must like to watch beautiful kind ...... Cancer is very prudish, the gentleman, bones or equipment, but do not know, because maybe in order to win the favor of girls.

Boys be careful the Cancer man child, because part of the Cancer men love hooked a friend's wife, not necessarily grab the past, but anyway fucks ambiguous on.

Do not know how to reject others, lie, but crappy it is easy to see through.

Like to succeed Eloquence, small contention small argument can not win you told you silence the Cold War, you'll be back stick and then pretended nothing happened. Very easy to feel shame, but you blush does not mean people like you.

Actually quite childish constellation male, but partial house, a bit boring, is not very interesting, a little tradition a bit sticky.

Leo men

Overbearing! Childish! Self-centered! Male chauvinism!

Vexatious unreasonable, this time to shout, he will give up, he may be very angry, but eventually will forgive you, and then continue vexatious unreasonable, until you shun what he meant. This shows that really is very childish, but the acting is not bad.

Machismo, jealous, see the girls may not like other boys too close. Love chagang sort of desire to control, may make girls feel tired, but also very amusing, very funny girl happy.

Like your performance is below the belt, did not settle down when Fa to death, like a person to concentrate on the eyes but you have no others. But be careful, the male lion will absolutely go back to eat grass, a variety of lingering in front of his girlfriend who was, nevertheless, to believe him to concentrate like you will not waver.

Virgo men

Analities, over the top, even if not over the top physiological also spirit got a little older, and some virgin male to serious taboo others sitting on his bed, with his stuff, or go to his house had to wear disposable slippers and the like. Part of the male virgin inward to others almost afraid to speak to them, and the rest is fairly normal, right.

Will recklessly nerve, while attentions you swore at you for a while what the eye is very small, narrow-minded.

Very wordy, pipe, but not control of your kind of tube, but they are too careful, you will feel your side with a grandmother, and then silence to pay you feel afraid.

Appeared between the two of you what the problem is, he infinite tangled repeatedly ask yourself or ask a friend of his side "you say to her in the end is how to think? How could this happen? Is not good enough for me? Why?"

Too harsh for their harsh, others demanding, sometimes it is really unbearable feeling of old-fashioned death. Virgin man who, to the pursuit of perfection will not be so ah!

Libra men

Do not look Libra man faction elegant, romantic, gentle gentleman. Never get angry at you is him, but it is easy impatient you must be his

Away from radiant him, but are you sure you can live with his home to a variety of dirty Do not image.

Can give you a candle Rose Easy Listening, but please believe that these are to return, or Tiancheng Nan will be psychological imbalance.

Like Aries the bit pull them feel good about themselves, like Taurus, a little ink, with Gemini fickle emotional, with Cancer do not know how to say no, with a lion sort of machismo (not directly force the you, but will use other methods to force you into submission, for example, like a baby pique), with the Virgin as sort of over the top and the pursuit of perfection, but not so serious, like Scorpio a bit narrow-minded love hold a grudge, but may or may not retaliate because quite good, with the shooter do not like to be bound by love of freedom, a muscle Capricorn, with the water bottle elusive, with Pisces love fantasy day dreaming ......

In summary, although it does not belong to the bones generous hanging, but it is because can not stand others than their own ink, plus a little shabby-genteel, so it is easy to become bill being taken advantage of.

Like to listen to the praise, the paradox of narcissism and low self-esteem, he can say bad but you can not go along with him, more can not tolerate others criticized him think he is bad. Too lazy to death, hate quarrel temper is not good, will tell you the Cold War, but the sentence can he coax.

Wordy, but is different from the the Virgin men's wordy, Tiancheng Nan is purely a kind of a bunch of nonsense, the kind of short words, saying.

Tiancheng Nan are two super funny clown, bored to death iceberg type, anyway, are playboy lover, but Libra love to flirt, heart love is not love cheating.

Scorpio men

Scorpion men mostly when people feel cool, in fact, he was very Mensao, a good mood will be funny, humorous one. Very loyal, can not tolerate betrayal, whether it is love or friends.

Narrow-minded to death, machismo to death, self-righteous to death, but also a bit of his own desire to control undetectable.

Scorpio man quite the idea, quite patiently, talk about life talk about what the ideal deep topic suitable to find them. Note, however, If you divided views, do not refute him, it is better to immediately along what he meant to say, otherwise, he will try to convince you that his thoughts to convince half will suddenly come to a halt because he will think you naive, he said you do not know, do not bother to explain to you. Scorpio men do not like to explain, he would think that other people do not understand him, but he thought he could provide insight into everyone.

Very direct, but he did not feel as if self-centered, but at the same time will take into account the feelings of the people around, but his own feelings more priority nothing.

A little cold, only to pay for their loved ones, he is a cloud of heavy loyalty, but the brothers Oh. Very thoughtful, very dare dare, but to do things a little reckless, a bit crazy, say things can not give mercy surface.

Psychological dark, mysterious enough not much of a feel love hold a grudge Yes, actually have not seen them have the ability and means to retaliate others ...... sentence is to make people feel ridiculous arrogance.

Sagittarius men

Constellation Sagittarius men really need to be divided into two, a special feeling childish boy next door, a is the surface is very stereotypical old-school very seriously gives a sense of distance. In fact, with his conversational, they are very playful, wild heart, the super invincible love of freedom, and absolutely do not control him, you have no control over him.

Fa, is less likely to do more for the woman to stay constellation of men, that is, freedom and love a certain kind of freedom of choice. However, heavy feelings, such as asking for his favorite who will say "and who contacts the longest time favorite who, because feelings" such a thing.

Forget the past, forget ex-girlfriend type, especially first love, do not doubt Do not worry, they only value that memory, do not expect life to be incomplete one. Emotional intelligence is not high, also belong to quietly pay type, and may even think that material on the pay of a person, people angry and funny. And then but not too sweet talk, he loved your performance is estimated that take you to play with him, or let you play with him more appropriate.

Pretty face, but the joy and open-minded, the Overall still less likely to tell against themselves the man, or heartless?

Will hurt children, but very harsh eh shooter father hit her daughter will not be soft-hearted. Too principled, too fond of preaching, tell you a hundred times, he does not bother you tired of the same reason. To speak too simple, sometimes people can not stand to think Beishoulengluo.

Capricorn men

Capricorn men is giving a loaded deep look mature old wet stretch yourself. Boring, anyway, is not very interesting, occasionally humorous look only occasionally.

In front of the family quite Guaiguai Pai fact, rebellious to death, anyway, absolutely no behaved friends.

To be a little traditional, sort of machismo, their women in contact with another man more will not work.

Sometimes sticky little terror, then no moral values, regardless of girls in what capacity, as long as enough on the exchanges look.

Will be sweet but deceitful effort to be practicing Oh, seems to grow up like some naive.

In fact, very simple, easy to get cheated, I did not think they are a hardship, but it wants to enjoy life.

Pick girlfriend's vision is always very strange, such as obviously handsome chase a lot of girls, but to recover that how very kind of girls, and then feel their chase those girls are super positive.

Fortunately, temper, very tolerant of people, but not like the others vexatious, will wearies girls angry words would have been pulling the girls let go, unless the gas consumption, but did not even talk about things up to say he was wrong to let you Do not get angry.

The Capricorn men angry quite scary, sweet should be able to coax him, but if feel that the untouchables it escape.

Aquarius men

Melodramatic, weird, abnormal death people can not figure would think he is wrong with a little perverted machismo, self-righteous little perverted. Control I want to be very strong in his own hands absolutely have to love the progress of the job, a little frightening extreme, he has injured himself, then it is easy to die to live, scary.

He can pet girlfriend but girls almost had to down him, otherwise the mere trifle Take parted hold that against you.

The constellation of men estimated mind in addition to the basic sex and nothing else, like to talk sex and speech very explicit, it is estimated that not every girl can endure.

Tiancheng Nan special appearance association, and basic beauty he would love to go hooked up, and then, as the beauty told them cheating.

With Aquarius male contacts and make friends with Aquarius male feeling to cry, if it is from friends become lovers it is estimated that girls will be very disappointed with the Aquarius male contacts too tired too tired, well did not do a good job the more breezy friends.

Deal with Aquarius male love with a break up to threaten each other, in fact, the best way is, you have to dare to be tougher than he, because if you are sincere, he is in fact simply can not do without you.

But the problem again, tough to say to break up, he refused you and after he flew arrogance began arrogance of it, so the cycle repeated, he is sure to grasp love the progress of the job.

Self-protection awareness is too strong, so when he felt insecure when will say something, do something to hurt each other, see each other for their own suffering, in exchange for their own sense of security.

Pisces men

Pisces men may look very man, the actual inner feminine, fragile, sensitive, immersed in their own fantasy world, that world is very beautiful did not hurt. Results hurt, quietly swim to the bottom to find it impossible to understand their own torture yourself, make life difficult for themselves with their own. Then pretend like nothing happened, it would not really go to hate each other, but I am afraid that will produce some resentment.

I felt hurt him are not good, anyway, who have no reason to hurt him.

Inclusive is really super extremely strong, and very willing to pay, then give you a sugar like a child, you have to send him a sugar as look forward to your return.

Injured wanted to stop to pay, however, did not even hold a grudge, you smiled at him tell the Good morning, maybe he would continue to Hello.

Very gentle, but hate the people who are gentle, not easy for girls temper, it was quite girls edge.

Will remain ambiguous, but the feeling of belonging to the henpecked man and a female friend, or wife in his heart.

Not particularly about Pisces men are, in general, belonging to a Mr. Nice Guy, but too blindly to accommodate the girls man.

There is, I feel, lest they want too, is still pretty troublesome uh, Pisces men should always carefully protect fragile nerves.