12 star man's fatal weakness

Aries man

Aries is like a young child. It is true, frank and open, but it is also very self-centered and childish. It is lovely, but sometimes it seems a little irresponsible. Girls who are very playful and energetic and can't keep up with him should forget it. The enthusiasm is limited. I don't like to take the initiative to chat with people on QQ, unless it's a friend with a particularly strong relationship.

A little hot tempered and impulsive. But it basically belongs to the type of gas coming and going quickly. It's not difficult to coax. It just doesn't like to take the initiative to save face and coax people. I'd rather fight with you. But hot at the same time, it's actually a little gentle. It can protect the human body, stick to people and take care of people.

Aries is also very masculine. Flower heart, a pile of ambiguous objects, basically belong to the opposite sex friends around him, who like or like him. Maybe I won't leave my girlfriend, but it definitely belongs to the kind of temptation that can't refuse the outside world. Flower addicts like to see beautiful women very much and make no secret of it. Then they feel extremely good and think that beautiful women like themselves. For girls who take the initiative to show their kindness, they don't refuse to come, but only pick those who think they look OK.

Not generous enough, a little stingy, very materialistic and money worship. He is good at sweet talk and is a typical lower body thinking among men. Another point is that sometimes the winning ticket is in hand and the arrogant appearance is very annoying. I want to beat him.

Taurus man

Stubbornness is not only a prominent feature of Taurus character, but also a major disadvantage. Usually gentle, once offended, it will become daunting. Be careful and stingy. Taurus man's stinginess is not material. It means he loves revenge. If others hurt him, they will keep it in mind, even if it is unintentional. With a strong mouth and lack of action, he is a bit of a utopian.

Ink, absolute ink, ink is speechless. Taurus men are very homely, most of them are basically the kind who stay at home until they die, and have nothing to pursue except computer games, movies and delicious food. Sometimes they are too weak and feel depressed when they are hurt by love. They are easy to shake. They don't mind the revival of old love and eat the grass. People who want them to forget their old love know how difficult it is, but they always like dead ducks.

He is very inclusive. He is a good man most of the time, but he must have principles. If he needs to be tolerant all the time, he will explode. Not romantic. Unlike Aries, a master of picking up girls, it has insufficient passion. It belongs to the down-to-earth type and the pursuit of stability. There is only sex in the head, but not in the heart. There are two extremes, one is that people with strong moral values will not mess around, and the other is that the whole mess does not care about other people's feelings at all.

Gemini man

Gemini gives people the first feeling that they come without a trace, go without a trace, restless, restless and impatient. I'm very clever. When I meet a question I don't want to answer, I'll change the topic immediately. When you find that the topic has been taken, it's dawn & hellip& hellip; They are also very ambiguous, but they are only ambiguous and will not take action. In fact, they rarely betray each other in their feelings. It's very interesting and fun. Their mouths are super powerful and can be very funny, but it also creates their greasy side.

When there is someone who is really dating, cheating rarely happens, and the girls who confess to him will be rejected. It's very easy to be soft hearted and afraid of girls crying, but at the same time, it's annoying for girls to cry. If you cry too much, he may not want you. Why? Because I don't know how to comfort. I can't get results after comfort. I hate love with pressure and burden. I'm not very responsible.

Fickle! I don't know how many people have been tortured to death. It's a life of jumping tone. If you don't have a tacit understanding with him at the beginning, you can't expect to find out his ideas after a long contact in the future. It's absolutely impossible.

Cancer man

At least on the surface, this is a person full of warmth and obedience.

Cancer man is a person full of warmth and obedience. He is kind and patient. For example, he will give up his seat to grandma on the bus and take in homeless animals & hellip& hellip; But in fact, he is also very coquettish. When walking on the street, he must love to see beautiful women & hellip& hellip; Cancer is very serious. It's a gentleman, but I don't know whether it's in the bones or pretended, because it may be to win the favor of girls.

Boys should be careful of cancer buddies, because some cancer guys love to hook up with friends and wives, and don't necessarily grab them, but they will be ambiguous anyway. He doesn't know how to refuse others and will lie, but it's so bad that he can be easily seen through. I like to show off my kung fu. If I can't win a small quarrel, I will be silent and cold war with you, and then pretend that nothing will happen and come back to stick to you. It's easy to blush, but blushing at you doesn't mean people like you.

Actually quite childish constellation man, but partial house, a little boring, not very interesting, a little traditional, a little sticky.

Lion Man

overbearing! Childish! Self centered! Male chauvinism!

Unreasonable and unreasonable. He won't stop until he is fierce at this time. He may be very angry, but he will forgive you in the end, and then continue to be unreasonable and unreasonable until you follow his meaning. It can be seen that he is really childish, but he is not bad-minded. Male chauvinism, jealous, can't see that the girl you like is too close to other boys. Love chagang, a little control, may make girls feel tired, but at the same time, it is also very deceptive and amuses girls.

The performance of liking you is to be bad to you. When you don't settle down, you spend your heart to death. When you concentrate on liking someone, there is no one in your eyes except you. But be careful, the lion man will definitely eat back. He has broken ties with his ex girlfriends. Nevertheless, you should believe that he will not waver when he focuses on you.

Virgin male

Turtle hair, cleanliness mania, even if there is no physical cleanliness mania, there is also spiritual cleanliness mania. Some virgin men will be so serious that they taboo others to sit in his bed, use his things, or wear disposable slippers when going to his house. Some virgin men are so introverted that others are afraid to talk to them. The rest are normal. They will be nervous, courteous to you and scold you. They are very small-minded and narrow-minded.

Very wordy, very good at management, but not the kind of management that controls you, but they are too careful. You will feel that you have a grandmother around you, and then pay silently until you feel afraid. As soon as there is any problem between you two, he will tangle endlessly, repeatedly asking himself or his friends & ldquo; What the hell did you say she thought? How could this happen? Am I not good enough? Why& rdquo;

Too harsh, harsh to yourself and others. Sometimes I really can't stand it. I feel so rigid. Virgins, do you want to pursue perfection like this!

Libra man

Don't look at the elegant, romantic and gentle gentlemanly demeanor of Libra men. He will never be angry with you, but he must be easily impatient with you. It's him who looks radiant outside, but are you sure you can stand all kinds of sloppy images of him at home. I can give you candles, roses and light music, but please believe that these are all to be rewarded, otherwise Libra man will have psychological imbalance.

A little stingy and self-conscious like Aries, a little ink like Taurus, fickle and emotional like Gemini, don't know how to refuse people like cancer, and a little male chauvinism like lion (I won't force you directly, but I will force you to obey in other ways, such as being coquettish and angry), Like a virgin, she is a little spiritual cleanliness and pursues perfection, but not so serious. She is a little cautious and likes revenge, but she does not necessarily retaliate, because she is kind. She loves freedom and does not like to be constrained like a Sagittarius. She is as single-minded as Capricorn, as elusive as a water bottle, and as fond of daydreaming like Pisces & hellip& hellip;

In conclusion, although it doesn't belong to those who hang generously in their bones, it is easy to become the wrongdoer of paying the bill because they can't stand the ink stains of others than themselves and are a little desperate for face. He likes to listen to the contradiction of praise, narcissism and inferiority complex. He can say he is not good, but you can't agree with him, and you can't tolerate others to criticize him and say he is not good. I'm too lazy to die. I hate quarreling and have a bad temper. I'll fight you directly, but I can coax him well in a word. Wordy, but different from the wordy of virgin men, Libra men are just the kind of nonsense and the kind of short talk.

There are two kinds of Libra men, super interesting and lively, boring to death iceberg. Anyway, they are all Playboy public lovers. However, although Libra likes to be ambiguous, he doesn't like cheating when he is in love with his heart.

Scorpio man

Scorpio man usually feels cool. In fact, he is very coquettish. He will be funny and humorous when he is in a good mood. Very single-minded, can not tolerate the betrayal of others, whether lovers or friends. He was too careful to die, too male chauvinist to die, too self righteous to die, and a little control that he couldn't detect.

Scorpio man is very thoughtful and patient. The deep topic of talking about life and ideals is suitable for them. But please note that if you disagree, don't refute him. It's better to follow his meaning immediately. Otherwise, he will try to convince you with his ideas first, and the half of the persuasion will suddenly stop, because he will think you are childish. You don't understand what he said and don't bother to explain to you. Yes, Scorpio man doesn't like to explain. He will feel that others don't understand him, but he thinks he can have insight into everyone. He is very good at commanding others, but he doesn't feel that he seems to be self-centered, but he will also consider the feelings of people around him, but his own feelings take precedence.

He is a little indifferent and only pays for the people he loves. Others are floating clouds for him, but he is very loyal to his brothers. Very thoughtful, very bold, but a little reckless, a little crazy, words and things are not very humane. The psychology is dark enough, but I don't think it's right to love and bear grudges. In fact, they don't have much ability and means to revenge others & hellip& hellip; In a word, it is ridiculous arrogance.

Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men really need to be divided into two kinds. One is the feeling of a particularly childish boy next door, and the other is that they are very stereotyped, old-fashioned and serious, giving people a sense of distance. In fact, after getting acquainted with him, they all love to play. They have a wild heart. They are super invincible and love freedom. Never mind him. You must not be able to control him. Flower heart is a constellation man who doesn't stay much for women, that is, freedom and love must choose freedom. However, if you pay attention to feelings, such as asking him who he likes best, you will say & ldquo; Like who you have been with for the longest time, because you have more feelings & rdquo; Such words.

Nostalgic, nostalgic for your ex girlfriend, especially for your first love, don't doubt and don't worry. People just value that memory and don't want their life to be incomplete. Emotional intelligence is not high, but also belongs to the type of silent payment. You may even think that material payment is good to a person, which makes people angry and funny. Then he doesn't speak sweet words. The performance of his love for you is to take you to play with him, or it's more appropriate for you to play with him.

It's very face saving, but it's free and open-minded. On the whole, it's not very difficult to get along with yourself, man, or heartless? It will hurt the child very much, but it's very strict. The shooter's father won't be soft hearted to beat his daughter. He is too principled and preaching. He doesn't bother you if he tells you the same truth a hundred times. The speech is too concise, sometimes people can't stand it and feel left out.

Capricorn man

Capricorn man is to give people a deep look and make himself mature but old and wet. It's boring. It's not very interesting anyway. I still have a sense of humor occasionally, only occasionally. I'm pretty good at playing good cards in front of my elders. In fact, I'm rebellious to death. I'm definitely not good anyway. It's also a little traditional and a little male chauvinism, that is, it's impossible for their own women to have more contact with other men.

Sometimes it's a little scary to stick to people, and then there's no moral concept. No matter what the identity of a girl is, she can communicate and have a look as long as she's right enough. He can talk sweet, but his deceptive Kung Fu needs to be cultivated. It seems that he doesn't grow up and is a little childish. In fact, it's very simple and easy to be cheated. I don't think they can bear hardships very much, but they can enjoy life very much.

It's always strange to pick girlfriends. For example, when you are very handsome and are chased by many girls, you chase the girls who are not very good, and then you feel that the girls you chase are super positive.

He has a good temper and is very tolerant, but he doesn't like others to make trouble without reason. He will be annoyed. If a girl is angry, she will always pull the girl away. Unless her anger disappears, but she won't say good words at all. At most, he is wrong, so don't be angry. In addition, Capricorn man is also terrible when he is angry. Sweet words should be able to coax him, but if you think you can't provoke him, run away.

Aquarius man

Amorous, eccentric, abnormal to death, people can't figure it out. They will think he has something wrong. Male chauvinism is a little abnormal, and self righteous is also a little abnormal. He has a strong desire for control. He absolutely has to master the progress of love by himself. It's a little extreme. If he is injured, he is easy to die and live. It's scary. He can spoil his girlfriend very much, but girls have to follow him in almost everything, otherwise they will break up and threaten you in a trivial matter. Men in this constellation probably have nothing else in their mind except sex. They like to talk about sex and then talk openly. It is estimated that not every girl can stand it.

Like Libra man, he has a special appearance Association, and is basically a beautiful woman. He loves to hook up, and then it seems that beautiful women have an affair with them. The feeling of dating and being friends with Aquarius man is as bad as 18000 miles. If it is from a friend to a lover, it is estimated that girls will be very disappointed. Dating with Aquarius man is too tired and far from being a good friend.

In fact, the best way to deal with Aquarius man's love of threatening each other by breaking up is to dare to be tougher than him, because if he is sincere to you, he can't leave you at all. But the problem comes again. You are tough and say you want to break up. He refuses to break up. After you make up, he starts to be arrogant again. Such a cycle repeats. He must master the progress of love by himself.

The sense of self-protection is too strong, so when he feels insecure, he will say something and do something to hurt the other party, and see the other party exchange his sense of security for his own pain.

Pisces man

Pisces man may look manly, but actually he is feminine, fragile and sensitive. He is immersed in his fantasy world and thinks the world is beautiful without harm. As a result, when he was hurt, he swam silently to the bottom of the water and felt unable to understand. He tortured himself and couldn't live with himself. Then pretend that nothing has happened, and you won't really hate each other, but I'm afraid there will be some resistance.

I don't think it's a good person to hurt him. Anyway, no one has reason to hurt him. Inclusiveness is really super strong, very willing to pay, and then look forward to your return like a child giving you a sugar and you have to give him a sugar. When you get hurt, you want to stop giving, but you won't bear revenge at all. Smile at him and say good morning. Maybe he will continue to treat you.

It's very gentle, but what I hate is that people are gentle to everyone, because it's not easy to lose temper with girls, so it's quite popular with girls. A man who keeps ambiguous with his female friends, but feels he is afraid of his wife, or his wife is the biggest in his heart.

I don't know much about Pisces men. Generally speaking, they belong to a good man, but they are too indulgent to girls. Also, I feel that I have to be careful to protect the Pisces man's fragile nerves at all times so that they don't think too much. It's still troublesome.