What woman would marry a good man by Palmistry


1. Money pattern

The so-called money pattern refers to the thin diagonal line between the ring finger and little finger, which is called money pattern. Most people have it. Such people have good fortune and are easy to meet people with economic strength in marriage.

2. Long emotional line

The emotional line is long and upward, and the end of the line is divided into three branches. This is the marriage happiness line. It is easy to marry a rich man, who will be rich and happy after marriage.

3. The palm is soft and rich

If the palm is soft and soft, it is rich and noble. If the palm is hard, it has no luck with wealth. It is difficult to marry the rich. If the palm is soft and rich, it is easy to marry the rich.

4. The color of the palm is ruddy and shiny

Such people not only have successful careers and good fortune, but also most of their marriages are relatively happy and easy to marry a rich husband. If the color of the palm is dark yellow and rough, it is hard. You earn more money by yourself and have fewer opportunities to marry rich people.

5. The wealth line is thick and clear

The one opposite the ring finger is the wealth line. No matter what you do, you are smooth and rich. Marriage is also easy to marry a rich man.

6. Mole on palm

Moles in the palm are generally auspicious moles. Moles in the palm represent wisdom and wealth. They represent that you are smart, will be rich in the future, and can find an object with certain economic strength.

7. A cross appears below the emotional line

It represents the success of love and the opportunity to obtain wealth due to love and marriage.

8. The marriage line goes up, and the people who come into contact with the success line

It means that they will marry successful people with reputation, status and wealth, and raise their identity through marriage.

9. The marriage line is close to the person below the ring finger

The Lord's wedding luck is excellent. Women's words imply that they can marry the ideal person with a certain wealth.

10. Clear financial lines

There is a parallel pattern above the emotional line of the palm, which is called financial pattern. Having this financial pattern usually helps others manage their money, which means finding a rich object to help them manage their money.