Tarot Akana details - The Hanged Man

  • Brand name: The Hanged Man
  • Key words: sacrifice, waiting, transposition thinking, retreat for progress
  • Astrology: Neptune
  • Four elements: water

Deck description

A young man with his hands tied back was hung upside down on a T-shaped trunk. The man's back bound hands are triangular, and his legs are intertwined into a cross. When they are put together, they just form an alchemical symbol in Western alchemy, which indicates the completion of the great cause and implies the process of sublimation from low-level desire to morality. The change of color from top to bottom (red trousers, blue coat and golden halo) echoes with the three-tier crown of the priest and the three concentric circles in the wheel of destiny, which correspond to the three-tier realm of body, heart and spirit in turn. It is only the perspective caused by order, which exaggerates the significance of transposition thinking. The golden shoes on the feet not only show the lofty sacrifice spirit of the hanging upside down person, but also indicate the status of spirit (i.e. morality). Even if it is transposition thinking, morality will always come first.

The expression of the hanging man is calm. He is willing to make self sacrifice. Even if the body is destroyed, the soul will exist forever. He understood the truth deeply. In the worst case, as long as you wait patiently, bad luck will eventually pass. If you look upside down, you will no longer hang upside down, and it is very much like the dancer in the world card. This implies that the person hanging upside down can finally become a positive person and see the real appearance of things. The slant sign of the hanging upside down person is 12, which is just the opposite of the world card 21. It is the hanging upside down world. It dares to be different and do what you want to do. It is not out of your own nature like a fool, but out of a deep understanding of the world. The hanging upside down person's head and feet also implies looking at the world from another angle and thinking mode.

Hanging upside down corresponds to Neptune and represents sacrifice and ideal. He is peaceful and peaceful, is a voluntary sacrifice, and has a deep understanding of wisdom. He didn't struggle because he knew that sacrifice would bring more valuable gains. Only when you give up can you get something; It is a noble martyr.

The key word of the hanging upside down person is & ldquo; Sacrifice & rdquo;, A keyword basically covers the meaning of more than half of the people hanging upside down. The sacrifice of those who hang upside down is mostly voluntary. In ancient times, as the people at the bottom, it was actually a very glorious thing to be sacrificed as religious sacrifices. Therefore, although it seems to others that such a posture of hanging upside down is hard and half dead, most of the people who hang upside down are voluntary and even enjoy it subconsciously. The most common situation when a person hanging upside down is drawn from the emotional card array is & ldquo; Bitterness & rdquo;, The party is either in love with someone who doesn't love him or someone who can't be together. If you think rationally, you shouldn't let this relationship continue, but no matter how advised by your relatives and friends, the party would rather hit your head and bleed than look back. Why? Because he was happy to do so. Even if it is painful, it is also the pain he wants, and others have no right or power to stop it.

From the exhortation of relatives and friends, we enter the interpretation of the social perspective of hanging upside down. People who hang upside down make such self sacrifice, but the social evaluation of them is actually very bad. Hanging upside down is a card upside down. The world seen by hanging upside down is completely opposite to that seen by ordinary people. On the positive side, hanging upside down gives you a good opportunity to & ldquo; Look at the problem from another angle & rdquo;, Therefore, hanging upside down can be said to be a card suitable for quiet thinking. But on the other hand, if your point of view is different from that of ordinary people, how will ordinary people react? Of course, I just don't understand, agree with and support it. This situation is more extreme on the card of anti waite & mdash& mdash; A group of people in front of the hanging man had scolded him, and at this time & ldquo; Irrefutable & rdquo; It can be said that it is the best policy for those who hang upside down.

No one knows whether the sacrifice of the hanging upside down person is worth it in the end, but in any case, the hanging upside down person will not be able to get rid of the choices he has made and continue to sacrifice. Because it was not the rope that hung him on the cross, but his own heart. People change, but rarely suddenly. Those who have reached this point will only follow the trend. Therefore, the time limit for hanging upside down cards is usually relatively long, and no matter what the divination is, it will not produce any substantive progress during this period of time. For those who want to make a difference, the hanging upside down person is like a swamp or a pool of quicksand. It is not easy to extricate themselves when they fall into it. For those who fall into quicksand, rash action is the taboo. Besides thinking or thinking, nothing is safe to do in this period.

Positive meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: dilemma, sacrifice, blessing in disguise, experiencing difficulties and training, resulting in mental maturity, and looking at things from different angles.

During this period, you can benefit a lot by obeying life and letting it lead you to where you need to go. You should follow your feelings or accept yourself, even if others think your way is strange. It may also symbolize peace of mind after a difficult time in life. Now is not the time to struggle. Calm down and think about your past behavior and future plans. This is only a temporary state. As long as you make proper use of this time, it should be good for you. Let things happen naturally in your life. Maybe you will be surprised by the results.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: the deeper the misunderstanding is, the more profound the explanation is, dedicated love, love transposition thinking, love that can stand the test, and give up love for each other's happiness.

Recently, your relationship with your partner is not very harmonious. They often disagree, sometimes quarreling and sometimes cold war. In fact, as long as you stand in the other party's position to observe and think about the same thing, you will understand the crux of the problem, and the tension between each other is only temporary.

3. Work and study

Key words: hard work leads to success, suitable for welfare or compulsory work, transposition thinking helps to overcome difficulties.

At work, you encounter a bottleneck that is difficult to break through; The salary increase and promotion you expect are difficult to achieve. You are not financially well-off and have no surplus savings. You must use circular interest to pay your accounts. However, as long as you keep calm and face all this, your situation will gradually improve.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: spend money to eliminate disasters, lose money because of helping others, frequently play the role of suffering losses, and the interpersonal situation is relatively difficult.

You start to use new ways to improve the current situation step by step.

5. Healthy life

You need a long time to recuperate, restore health and be brave and strong in the face of disease.

6. Other

Reviewing yourself and the things around you and sticking to it is victory.

Inverse meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: disillusionment of hope, punishment for selfish desires, useless work, unnecessary pay, self destruction, lack of implementation ability, things are like bubbles.

The inverted hanging person may imply that he cannot get freedom beyond social pressure. It means you will listen to what others expect of you, not to your inner voice. Perhaps you have been using role model to guide you all your life, rather than directly experiencing life.

It may also mean that you are resisting your inner self in some way. Perhaps you are resisting some parts of yourself and unwilling to obey your spiritual goals. You may still be struggling to maintain the peak of property or material life. The statement requires you to reflect on your direction and the emotional realization level and emotional satisfaction of your spirit at this stage, but you try to maintain the status quo.

You are bound, but desperately want freedom. Maybe you don't understand the purpose of comfort at present, or what it can bring you. Struggling is not appropriate, because you can't be free until the right time comes. If you can use this time properly, you won't have to spend time thinking when life wants you to move forward. If you don't reflect now, it may lead to longer delays or repeated patterns. The price of obedience to freedom.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: unrequited love, no possibility of development, unworthy object of dedication, impatience with feelings, broken ties.

Emotionally, you don't understand how the other person needs to be treated, so you often feel that you pay a lot, but the other person can't feel it.

3. Work and study

Key words: no way to endure harsh environment, passive working situation, hard work without success, things will turn against each other when they reach the extreme, lack of organization in speech, only considering their own interests, backward performance, not enterprising, failure in examination.

You often don't know what to do at work, so that you make great sacrifices, but you still can't succeed and get your due reward.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: emotional telephone charges, extravagance and waste, no price to pay, selfishness, timidity in dealing with people, and groundless worries.

You are not good at financial management. You have no key points in financial management. You invest blindly, but you fail because of greed.

5. Healthy life

It is prone to fracture, limb paralysis due to poor blood, and deterioration of the existing condition due to negligence. You have been in poor health recently. You may have to be hospitalized or have surgery.

6. Others

Wasted effort, divorced from reality, lack of action, annoying entertainment.