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The love bottom line of 12 constellation men

Each constellation has its own emotional key, who dares to offend the "red light", your love will be at stake!

Fire signs:

Aries men - challenge patience

The fiery Aries men may be the considerate husbands, but they have hot temper definitely. If their lovers challenged the patience again and again, I am afraid that their love would flash the red light. How about the challenge? Such as your Aries husband firmly opposed to something, but you have been doing it repeatedly ......

Leo men - challenge authority

Leo men are the symbol of power. Of course it is impossible for all Leo men to become the leaders of the times, even a lot of them can not be able to become leaders in life. However, each Leo man wants to completely conquer and his woman. If a woman is challenging Leo man's authority, I am afraid this man is about to rage, your love is about to flsh the red light. If you are a Leo man's lover, you'd better give him enough face, especially outside, and behave more docile before him.

Sagittarius men - deprivation of liberty

Sagittarius men are good Mr. Nice. They do not care about anything, they will not give up love due to the opposition from family and friends. However, if you started to occupy his private space to make him feel a sense of restraint, then you may start to have cracks. When this feeling invaded him more and more, to flash the red light in love is only a matter of time ...

Water signs

Cancer men -  in conflict with the families

Cancer men pay attention to feelings. Many Cancer men are oedipal. If he found that his lover could not live in peace with his closest families, I am afraid we his love would flash the red light. When his lover mentioned disregard and injustice of his family, when she had conflicts with his family, when she lost face of his family again and again, he would be slowly away from you.

Scorpio men - pry into privacy

Scorpio men are mysterious, which is their own way to protect themselves. They need to have their privacy even in front of the close favorite people. If a Scorpio man hid something to you, it would not be a betrayal, his privacy is to look for security. If his woman tried to spy on his privacy repeatedly, even secretly looked at his letters, checked his phone, read his diary, and so on. The love would flash the red light!

Pisces men - deceive

Perhaps Pisces men may have some well-intentioned deception. But they can not tolerate their lovers' deception, even some very small little things. Maybe you just casually said something, but he would consider to be deceived. Piece of the little things add up, he would gradually no longer trust you, your love would begin to change. You would survive under his suspicions, one day he would make him short of a sense of security, I'm afraid that your love would flash up the red light.

Earth signs

Taurus men - live a poorer and poorer life

When a Taurus man found his standard of living was declining, have been away from the well-off, his love would flash the red light. Even worse, if his woman was not outstanding in her career, then he would be crazy. He would begin to find the problems of the woman, although he would not like to break up, but under the temptation of money, he certainly would paralyze his love. His love would light up the red light due to "fairly comfortable life".

Virgo men - dirty chaos

Virgin man Is very squeamish. He does not care about anything for himself, he might not take a bath for a few days, or made his house too dirty. It doesn't matter. Even if you are his woman, when you began to make his home sloppy and dirty, he would despise you in his heart, then your love would flash up the red light.

Capricorn men - impact of future

The most important for a Capricorn man may be the cause, rather than the woman. Maybe he had a desperate fight for you, maybe he also no longer work for his boss for you, but these sacrifices would never be a lifetime. When he realized that he had no future because of love, he would feel that he was so incompetent, so he would automatically give up love.

Wind signs

Gemini men - live a closed life

Gemini is a constellation who loves to contact with the outside world. If you want to let your man stay in the house, then you'd better not find a Gemini man absolutely. He must have a group of very good brothers, and these brothers must come out to meet from time to time to create a space without women. If you can not live in peace with these people, even call them a gang of scoundries, then your love would light up the red light sooner or later.

Libra men - destruct sense of beauty

Libra is enjoyable constellation, they do not like any destruction of the beauty. Perhaps you think that you need glamorous clothes only when you are in love, but a Libra man will not agree with you. When Libra found their women looked unhygienic and unkempt and wore old clothes, the love would be faded away. In other words, they would rather dress their women beautiful every day, they would rather let hourly workers solve the housework, they do not want to face the yellow-faced women. When you get along with Libra, there is always a sense of beauty.

Aquarius men - out of control

The Aquarian man may be the most jealous man. Aquarius man usually is obedient to his lover in every matter, but once he found his wife had some close male friends, he would become extremely jealous, hysterical and desperate, and would make your love become apathy. He may inspect you for 24 hours to see what your are doing, they need to know, he needs to know your everyday life. If one day he discovered that he simply could not grasp your life and did not know what you're doing, then his love would light up the red light.