12 star man's unchallengeable love bottom line


Each constellation has its own emotional death, which violates the & ldquo; Red light;, Your love is at stake!

Fire sign:

Aries & mdash; Challenge patience

The hot tempered Aries man may be a considerate and good husband, but his temper is definitely not a docile little sheep. When his lover challenges the man's patience again and again, I'm afraid their love will turn red. How to challenge? For example, you have been doing something he firmly opposes between you; For example, you are always dealing with people he doesn't want to contact, and you let him know intentionally or unintentionally; For example, you argue endlessly with him about something he thinks meaningless & hellip& hellip;

Lion Man & mdash; Provocative authority

The lion's man is a symbol of power. Of course, it is impossible for all lions to become leaders of the times, and even many lions may not be able to become leaders in life. However, every lion man hopes to completely conquer his woman and command her. When this woman constantly makes some things that challenge the lion's authority, I'm sorry, your lion will be angry and your love will be red soon. A woman who is a lion should give face to the lion, especially outside. Of course, it's best to be gentle when two people are together.

Sagittarius man & mdash; Deprivation of Liberty

A Sagittarius man should be said to be a good husband like a good gentleman. They don't care about their lover. What they want is a feeling of belonging to themselves. The opposition of family members and the BS of friends are not enough to make Sagittarius men give up love and light the red light. However, if you begin to occupy his private space untimely, make him feel a sense of bondage, and let him find that he can no longer breathe freely, then there may be cracks between you. When this feeling attacks the Sagittarius man more and more clearly, it is only a matter of time for love to turn on the red light & hellip& hellip;

water signs

Cancer man & mdash; Conflict with his family

Cancer man is the representative of love and righteousness. It can even be said that many cancer men have some Oedipus or sister scenes. If he finds that his women can't live in peace with those closest to him, I'm afraid love will turn a red light. When you mention his family's disregard and injustice to you to him again and again, when you quarrel with his family again and again, and when you show his family face again and again, he has slowly left you in his heart.

Scorpio man & mdash; Pry into privacy

Scorpio men are mysterious. This mystery is also the way they protect themselves in many ways. For them, even in front of the closest and favorite people, they also need to have their own privacy. Please don't feel that if the scorpion conceals something from you, it means that these things are betrayal, not privacy. Some things are a way for them to find security. If his women keep prying into his privacy, they even take secretly reading his letters, checking his mobile phone, reading his diary, etc., or don't let him know you read it, Or wait for the red light of love to shine!

Pisces man & mdash; deception

Perhaps Pisces man himself will also have some kind deception. But he can't stand his lover's cheating on himself. Even if it's a very small thing, maybe you just say it casually, but he will think it's intentional cheating. Little things add up one by one, and he will gradually no longer trust you. As trust diminishes, the relationship between you has gradually lost its temperature. From then on, you will survive under his suspicion. One day, his insecurity and paranoia will make him collapse. I'm afraid the red light of love has to be on.