Deep interpretation of the character and love for Gemini


Gemini's loneliness is incorrigible, their simply characters make them often watch a lot of things under a magnifying glass, rational apparently. Everything is virtual and beautified, they believe that they should be reckless to help friends at the critical moment, love is simple without harm. But the fact is not the case, in reality a lot of snub and disappointment make them at a loss as to what to do, the original world is not as they imagined. But their pursuit of the perfect nature and the lonely nature make them become attached to loneliness. 

Some people say that everyone has a loneliness, it is too narcissistic. But only Gemini really know their loneliness, it is impossible to cure the incurable disease. Gemini have two hearts, two brains, their feelings, their thoughts are double. But they have only one body, one world.

This constellation is a born crippled, they were born in finding another fit person, but who can find the same? So, they are destined to be so lonely forever.

Gemini do not want to be lonely, do not want be a loner, (in fact, most Gemini gather a group of friends apparently, but they are very lonely in deep hearts.) but they are sensitive character and innate sense of superiority make them have no way to compromise. A lot of people envy Gemini, a lot of people are jealous of Gemini, a lot of people hate Gemini, hardly there is not such a controversial constellation like Gemini. If your lover is Gemini, then you'd better love him, because he can not really find his own happiness.

If you are a Gemini, you have to listen carefully - you are doomed to find your other half for your whole life. In order to find your other half, you will try to get along with and fall in love with a variety of different people. In the eyes of the crowd, Gemini are fickle in love. However, no one knows that you are finding your true love! As long as you find your other half, Gemini will not be fickle any more, you would become loyal to your lover.

Gemini's infatuation is surprising. However, Gemini is sad, because not all the Gemini can find the other half, so the Gemini are always searching and seeking to find true love, while inadvertently they may hurt the followers. But the fact is to fall in love with the Gemini people is never forgotten, this love is definitely full of surprises and delights.

Do people falling in love with Gemini enjoy much happiness? Then do not care about the Gemini will bring you much ruthless injury. Unless you have the confidence to allow Gemini believe you are his other half, which is true Gemini!

Many people say that Gemini are absent-minded, fickle. In fact, Gemini are very fragile. Gemini fear of hurting, they do not want to hurt anyone nor want anyone to hurt them, and they do not trust anyone, even they are together with a very good group of friends, they would behave very silent and quiet. 

They do not want to be understood, but also disdain to be understood, mostly even they have different point of views with you, they will not argue with you, they disdain the quarrel. But if you have docile temperament, they would like to do all their eloquence in order to achieve the purpose of persuasion. Gemini's friends are basically pushovers. So when they feel lonely or unhappy, they usually hide in some place without saying a word, they do not ignore anyone, and do not want to be disturbed by others. They are always in disguise themselves. It is very difficult for them to express their true hearts.

Many people contempt Gemini, it is because they do not understand Gemini, Gemini are sincere and persistent. When Gemini want to do one thing, hey do not care about other people's feeling, though they treat others not very cordial, but their ability to withstand is surprisingly large. But who can really understand their hearts?

Gemini do not like to make others feel sad, so they would like to share everything themselves. Let's treat Gemini kindly, they are really very good.